Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kris: "Boss, Lao Niang turns 23 yr old this sun. Can spare me from work? Have notify Daniel to red alert me to work this wed & thurs so u wont nag!!!!!!!"

Boss: "Whao Lao eh.... A lot of stuff going on for you lei.. Jialat... What can i say? Getting expire only.... y so happy? hahaha"

Kris: "What lor... U dunno the beauty of a mature woman.. waahhaha. I already compensate with a weekdays le hor. Dun abuse your employees from her benefits ah, otherwise you will see your shop name blacklisted under CASE"

Boss: "Hahaha.. That's wat expired woman always said... haha CASE? U only work once a week n you wanna head to CASE? hmmmm.. try harder girl


"I am so scared,.. Pls, no, no." This part is to entertain u only"

STUPID boss, wahahha.. but since you always allow me to skive at work, pay for my dinner, and my hot-milo, since you are almost 190cm and automatically becomes my ladder, i shall forgive u ...

I have since realise my Boss do know i am taking advantage of him... haha.. yet each time he nags at me.. i will voluntarily offer to be sack, den he will knock my head and ask me not to threaten him.. haha... i am cheap labour and such a good employee, why would he want to sack me? wahahaha... Last month till this month alone i have skip work for 5 weeks, hahaha.. its no wonder he nags at me thru SMS this time. there is hardly chance for him to nag..

But then again, i am the only female employees he has (not considering Nicole, whom Daryl often describe to me as a lian-lian bamboo walking around the shop. We are very very spoilt by the guys in the shop la... wahhaha

yay!!!~ i can celebrate my birthday this sun with bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.. thru skype!


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