Thursday, January 14, 2010

have been bugging myself to constantly update (or rather, to rant) here, but i had been so busy these days doing revision, discussing with Pau over ICBS and Phyl over BHP.
So forgive me, for i have already forgive myself.

3 days ago (this was how long i intend to blog) was my 17 months with the one and only Sweet-Silly-Stinky-Sleepyhead. Life has been hard but we live by. Each and everyday, the distance is pulled closer, so my stand about Long-Distance relationship remains - it does bring two hearts fonder..

bbbbbb and i had a tiny arguement thou, but it wasnt any of our fault, it was more of a outer pressure i had been suppress recently. i have no intention to rant it here (strictly private... ) but this issue is here to stay, till the day we walk down the aisle... i am glad bbbb and i talk it out and now that things have simmer a little, i hope its time we leave it aside and concentrate on other more substantial issue.


gee.. this line sounds too familiar cos there are so many ppl out there recently that is following this crazy trend. While my issue seems irrelevant, i had to move out cos i need to go into hiding- the time of the Year has come and in about 4 months i will b muggin away trying very hard to still aim for my 2nd Upper class. The first year grades has been bad, i had been REALLY lucky to barely passed so Dear God, i will do my job, please do yours.. teehee.. Bless those who try harder.

I miss those loads of fun bbbbb and i had while he is still here in Singapore. His friends were a bunch of funny ppl and they make me laugh louder than anything!~ i wont May wont take long to come and sooner bbbb and i (not forgetting his family and his buddies) will be shopping and touring UK. bbbbb and i have plans for me to stay there for up to 1 months plus if allow, so i am doing my research on VISA issues, hope all is well and i am outta here for a good period of time.

Am meeting Besties later.. we are gonna cranked up a little. Kristal is a happy girl

and dearPau, HUAT AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!~


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