Sunday, June 29, 2008

All i can say is,

i took the wrong turn in life and make a wrong decision,

am i depress? no, at the very least, i am awoken

the outcome, i've lost completely, defeated and weak.

Gotta recover soon, my life needs me.
Dating is never a game
i dunno what i might have done so wrong
to scare u away, to have u avoiding me like i am a criminal

Or maybe it wasnt meant to be, but if thats the case
why allow it in the first place?

We dont do things for nuttin, but we dont explain our motive
we dun avoid reality and we voice if we want our points clear

i dun wan to accuse u of anything, but by hiding i will just assume
If your motives was to achieve whatever is happening now

congratulation! u've done it.
Now tell me what i have done wrong to deserve this

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 4 of my terrible terrible fever!

The collage above has basically compound my boredom for the past 3 days. Here is one strange encounter,

1. for some reason i woke up around 3 plus for the 4 nights ( ranging btw 3.02pm - 3.08pm). The reason for waking up was cos of the very very bad cough, my cough is so bad it jerks me out of my bed. Then i will spend another hours trying to find a comfortable position to sleep.

i know it sounds stupid thinking its strange but it does feel strange, that aura.. haha.. what am it thinking?

Anyway Dzul called me like finally, he is the manager of Canele, he apologise for the delay and enquire if i was still interested in the job, OF COURSE i am!! haha.

so here i am building up my energy to be part of the team. i've also bought 2 black top as uniform. i am gonna be the woman in black, just like fireman ( he is man in black la).

Sudden pimple outburst lately and its making me sulk, haven been dolling up myself since i was at home 100% of the time. i spend some quality time scrubbing my dead skins and revitalising my body. so i dare say when i recover i shud look better.

That Arse-ex-boss went round askin about me. Now i noe i shud nt be affected by him but what maddens me was that he went round asking how come i can work for Fabrick when i am holding a full time job, that also means he felt i was lying to him.


Anyway since almost of my close colleagues have left the company since my dismissal, its no wonder he is curious, he probably tot i poach all his staff away, can u believe 98% of my close colleagues left the company, that is leaving only 4 remainin staff for him to survive. He has later hire a new batch of workers to undergo his World War 5.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kristal has been very very down on her luck lately.

I am down with a fever, yesterday was so bad i couldnt sleep, that was probably the 2nd night in a row losing sleep over my fever.

Constant supply of medication finally help, (i almost finish my "pi-pa-gao" 3 days after i got it)

My temperature went down from a very bad 38 degree till 36.5 degree
What adds on to the irony was my tooth, which i have been trying to keep in good coondition, was suffering from the sharp pain from all that "pi-pa-gao". Each cough made my back ache like nobody's business, and the reason behind it was the monthly mensus-cramp.

All this adds up to a very very unlucky Kristal, who cannot even finish half a piece of bread without spitting them out during my cough.

I wanna thanks 3 very special man in my life now, mainly my Dad, who bought me sore-throat medicine and offer to buy me dinner. He also constanly pissed me off when he shouts at me aimlessly when i refuse to eat anything, i know he cares when he comes into the room very very early in the morning to feel my forehead and cover me in my blanket, thanks Dad.

I hope my fever goes off really soon, i wanna work for the coming op, though the money is not huge, i cant afford it with my current state.

God bless me with me again, i m going to pray after i recover =)

Someone shows concern pls.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

i am down with a very bad dry cough, and despite this cough, i went to:-

- Sing, (or how some of us call it "K")

Here are a few updates:-

-Thursday was spend at Denise's, eating dinner (very deliciously cooked by her Dad) and taking pics for roseleBelle, we've decided to change the name cos there are a few other alternative webby with similar names.

- Got cheated again! This time by a dentist located in Yishun, DO NOT DO NOT i repeat, DO NOT ever visit a dental clinic in Yishun IF its located on the second floor in a shop house.

~ the irony : i paid $40 for consultation fees and an x-ray for my poor teeth, all the process done within 5 min. The dentist tried to cheat me off my money, telling me i am down with ill decay on my root teeth so i require a root-canal repair, the damage = $2000. Otherwise i could choose to extract the teeth at $90, after which apply for braces to be done at $1500 plus plus.

Of course i was pissed!! i was devastated and for a while really tot that was it! i blurly paid the dentist $40, left the dental clinic crying. Guess what happen when i called Dad?

Me: *sobbing, the dentist told me!@#%$#^#^%$745

Dad: Did u went to the 2nd storey one

Me: yeah

Dad: Did the doc say (repeat watever the dentist said)

Me: YEAH!!!!

Dad: Dun worry, i have been fooled too.

Den Dad explain he ended up screwing up the dentist that day he went for his check up, cos the dentist, upon seeing my dad dressed dirtily in his corporate jumpsuit, refuse to even laid him on the dental bed and merely repeat what i've heard to him.

It got me at a point that some people can be so mean, i was feeling sorry for myself yes, and i was upset to bid goodbye to the last few $50 note i had before i am officially broke.

It was yesterday (saturday) tat Dad advise me to visit a dental clinic tat he frequent, he lend me some money and there i was, hfalf fixing my teeth.

The bottomline is, yes i needed a root canal repair, but that treatment will takes 4 visits, total costing about $350

My darling Jamie has an online shop!!! So this days i was at work and decided to log in to shop a bit.

The StageWalk
This is one online shop i find it hard to missed, mainly cos of its attractive name. Imagine youself dressed up and walking along the stage, yeah it might sound like another episode of ANTM, except you are starring in it.

The Stagewalk has the latest trend of clothing, the exceptionally new idea of kimono-dress, which are very very in the trend this season are also bought-able @ StageWalk.

I went thru a few of their collection and couldnt get my eyes off the Kimono dress in black.

The details on the dress is exceptionally stunning, the sheer cloth use to make the dress delicately shows the feminine collar bone each individual has.

(I've always been very anal abt collar bones, attractive girls seems to be born with very very unique collar bone, not those aneroxic sort, its the kind that hold ur handbag on ur shoulder without letting it slide off)

Ok, it might be the model (Jamie is that you?), but when the dress is worn on her, i've decided immediately that it will look incredibly good with a bun-hair and a silverish-black clutch.
So Girls, i am seriously suggesting u all to make a short trip into shopping paradise by clicking on the link below===>
And you are bound to be lost for joy.

On a side note, i will be visiting a few more blog introducing them if the stuff there are nice, do check out.

On another side note, DKS will also be launching our very own LJ, clothes are @ affordable, if u cant trust the word "affordable", wait till u visit us!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

continuation from the post about Sichuan Dou Hua Restaurant

We were allowed to choose from 100 dishes stated on the menu, there were exotic dishes that i hate such as pigs organ and lamb satay. But most of the stuff were still pretty good. Food was serve in minute portion and about 30 dishes were served to fill up our stomach.

There were free flow of chinese crysanthenm tea and it was serve with the chinese waiter holding a pot with a extremely long mouth, he serve by performing stunts and then finally pouring the hot water into the cup. I must say i was rather impressed by his stunts if not for the few times he almost splash a bit of water right into me.

Enough about the dishes, i was fascinated by the journey up there.

We have to change the lift from storey 38, so it was a walking distance from this lift till the next. Storey 38 serve as a viewing gallery so we spend a bit of time taking pic from there.

Okok,. i know i lie at the pic, those view were mostly from the 38 th storey, but some still came from the 60th storey. I kept telling Terry and Rodman that if we were to come on National Day we might just be able to see the spendid fireworks performance, trust me the view there is right.

If you bother to find just somewhere in the middle i could see esplanade and a distance down was the temporarily set up floor board for the National Day Parade ground.

In conclusion, though no much was said, i had a great brunch experience and i cant wait to make another trip there.,

Apel and i went out today, i shud say the whole trip was fruitful.

We had a heart to heart talk, the sort i seem to miss out recently. I guess now that all my closest and dearest pal are busy with either school or work, no one seems to be able to spare that bit of time, shutting off the external unecessary stuff, and just talking, trashing and screaming whatever is holding them down.

So we talk abt the uni-pathway, our potential career, our love life and how much we have all change over the years.

We had e tiniest conflict but it concluded into something more fruitful, such as how we shud just appreciate different opinion.

we had pic bt i am lazy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This days i am rather busy, like a normal 21 yr old, working everyday, but i have additional means of being busy. No i was not enjoying myself nw, cos i am someone who believes in bitter now for sweetness later. i was taking up more jobs, redundant jobs, jobs i hate and those i like.

Oh by the way, i must say the flyer distributor is a superbly nice job, the reason - i was working for a mediacorp star!!!! oh no i am not going say who cos i dunno his name either, but it was good exposure and experience.

last night was a put-on-weight-fast night. As usual i work in themorning and by night time i was staying over at Pau's and we had fun watching movies, eating cookies, sugar peanuts, dried cuttlefish, haha.

Lets see, we watch "over my dead body" it was a rather nice show but i shall not elaborate for i suck at elaboration, and den we caught "what happens in las vegas"

We were suppose to watch "Sky Of Love" bt for some reason she couldnt find the disc. a pity!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

It was one hell of an expensive brunch with 2 of Sharon Besties and my "brothers" back in sec-days.

Rodman and Terry were superb people to hang out with, both has a coordinated sense of humour and i was busy laughing 3/4 of the day.

we had dinner at Sichuan Dou-Hua Restaurant, the food was great and i've gotta do another collage of it to post up pretty soon. Anyway there were 100 dishes to choose from and it was a dim sum buffet, the cost of each pax was $45. So thanks da-ges for the treat. It made my day and despite my birthday treat being delayed up to half a year, your thoughts;.. it was damn damn damn appreciated.

Anywayi love my cap, there is a story behind it and i shudnt mention it here. i had plenty of fun today till when i reached home, i practically laid on my bed and fell aslp- right in a hot sunday. Dinner was at Sembawang Thailand Restaurant with relatives, family and the man in celebration of the Father's Day. So DAD, i love you!!!!

We brought HORI the dog along so basically he was the highlight of the day, with people bringing their babies to come and interrupt the dog. HORI loves it cos he is so fond of attention. i had a great and wonderful Father day, too bad Gary ( my younger bro) is in the police and cannot join us, Mum keeps forgetting about it and wanted to save some food for him. The Parental love..

i really really enjoyed myself.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The night view of Bottled Tree Park, cant wait to prawn there again some time soon

Some spastic pic of me perspired, tired uglified without any eye-liner (which i swear my heart on by the way)

Some views during my night run.
I had a very very different activitise everyday. and its growing interesting, i have experience high class work life and some much lowly ones.

Tomorrow i am going for a very very interesting job, the kind i never had aspired to be.
i am gonna be a FLYER DISTRIBUTOR.

now dun u go looked down on this very very weird job for a 21 yr old. I receive this "special invitation" from honey Apel and we are gonna do it together, i had initially tot of keeping it low tinking no one will possilbly recognised me in that ulu area, but eventually i want to broadcast it.

Why? because i finally decide to understand the fun of each and every job i am given to, be it the most irritating kind (like a persuasive insurance package) or the most man job (like carrying up to 7kg worth of cosmetic in and out of the warehouse and still carrying for the weaker lots)

Its not about the job that makes u feel lowly about yourself. i shall be frank to admit i was doing the carrying stock-job with 4 very very rich people (whose identity i shall shuddup about)

1. one was in the job cos her dad owns the company and wishes his daughter start from scratch, the company makes enuff money to start another business mind you

2. another one had just gotten her license at the first attempt, her dad brought her to the car mart the next day and she is expecting her car in no time. She stays in a terrace house and owns 2 BIG dogs.

3. One had a confirmed place in Australia, whose Dad has chaffeur in Thailand who will bring us around when we visit.

4. one plays sports well, has a mindful of ideas to starts a successful business and who visit a specialist for every of her skin products.


I begin to understand their reason for working is just to help one another out, the pay is secondary and making themselves feel important and gaining the experience is what that counts.

My sister had requested the job for her june holidays. so when Apel mention the jobscope my primary idea was to help my sister gain her initial work experience. We are gonna be FLYER DISTRIBUTER together tomorro!! AND WE ARE DAMN PROUD OF IT.

Oh! did i mention the pay is freaking good too? $15 an hour, that means i am working 2 hours that pays me equilvalent to a job that will tk up 4 plus hours

On a side note, jann and i are sharing a FLEA space at LIME FLEA market this sat, do come if you are all free. If it goes well i shall be doing it more often.

come come come!!! see you all there..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


haha.. waht a bold statement.. No la i am not exacting losing the weight, but mass wise, i can feel it.

Reason being because of the damn toothache. I have no idea whether to love it or to hate it. Its killing me, making me whine like a baby. BUT its making everyone worry about me, my parents, my irritating cousin, the man, pauline kang and PROBABLY DKS if they see me.

haha.. initially i had no idea hw it came about, cos in my entire 21 yrs i had clean record and stay away from the dentist. Then came the suggestion to visit the dentist, i hate the idea.

Anyway i am chewing on my right set of teeth now and because its only one side, i can hardly finish one plate of rice, or a piece of bread, very often i end up skipping the meal cos i will rather skip it den bear with the pain of finishing the food. People around me ended up buying soup stuff for me, and soluble stuff are the common things i eat now. i feel like a granny, those with crook teeth and who finds eating a chores.

More torturin (ok la. i enjoy the hardship) was the work at Cuz, we have alot of orders coming in so Cuz and i are busy running everywhere everyday. Kallang, Jurong, somerset.. u name it we've been there. We will climb up and down, carrying very very heavy bulk, it was like doing a mens job. I cant really describ the job i am doing now, but lets keep it that way, its for you all to imagine.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


i recently introduce this fragrance to Cuz, this is the new scent i found out and wanted to get. I first found this fragrance while shopping for baby clothing for a polymate who is about to givebirth.

I REALLY love this fragrance cos this is one of a kind. I shall blog about this fragrance now so there wont be any copyright. haha.. you can find this fragrance at takashimaya and john little outlet.

--------------------------------Viv's Blog--------------------------------------------------


they have a huge collection of apparels for our little ones and a hell good range of perfumes for kids man. ( they do have apparels for men and women too)yes i know, i'm turning 19 and she is 21 but we were desperate to smell and feel young again!

SMELL ME THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE ME(KRISTAL) or ViV, we smell just like Baby.. hahahaha

The only one partner tat is on standby mode to be ask out. haha.. She can meet me in her pyjamas, stupid spastic spec and pretend-geeky bangs! The daughter i adopt till Clar comes to claim her, the clone of my all-time-favorite Cuz. The younger ppl i hang out with. We are at our usual favourite hangout (which i shall not publicize in order to preserve some quietness there). With my lappy as usual, some well-deserved coffee, some random short visit from the Cuz, some sinful cakes and countless hours of online session. Mostly we are disconnected 3/4 of the time.


i spend the entire evening mastering yet another secret talent, and yes it wasnt that well done, and i have a lot to learn.
My life is INTERESTING today. I been thru 2 insurance talk in a day, one personal and one family. Mummy is suddenly crazy and decided on steamboat for lunch!
imagine waking up one morning and mummy is frantically preparing a steamboat, she screams at you to bring out the tofu, scallop and shitake mushroom.

I couldnt stand the madness running in the house. So i did something equally crazy, i decided to go joggin in the heavy rain.

I am beginning to think the mad-gene runs in the family. I was not jogging, but running, the rain was ruining my skin but i couldn;t care less, there was running field but i ran on its circumference, there were better days but i chose a early heavyrain morning to run. There were better place to run but u chose to run one where there were an prayer event going one. so there i was, running with the buddha chant "running" through my head.

Den when i reach home, mum was almost ready to begin our food. Sister remind me i am not to eat till 3 hours after my exercise, but again i couldnt care less. Sister made me a bowl of our all-time favourite cornflake (thats strawberry milk + frosties cornflake).

After the breakfast my gum pain act up again. When i do finally eat my steamboat lunch, i merely swallow some tofu, shitake mushroom and crab meat. As mum prepare all the food i dun eat (pork, pig liver, meatball, prawn.. ) i was glad there was nuttin to tempt me under such pain.
I am dying from gum pain, i hope it makes me lose enough weight.

Stupid Cuz wont reply my msg, i HATE YOU CUZ (nah... still love you to bits)
i dunno what else to say, the rest of the days are filled with insurance, investment, hospitality coverage, CPF...

interesting day eh?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

i have a secret! hahaha..

anyway the following msg is strictly for denise and Sharon darlings. !!

i found the supplier for famous online store bloggers!!! i know u wont believe me but that very day i went to buy stuff from her i saw some very very famous online store bloggers!

And the deal is very simple, simply purchase 12 pieces of their clothes (irregardless of designs) and they will sell it to you at supplier rate. The whole concept is similar to that in Thailand where my ex-boss purchase his stock. Gotta discuss it soon!!

And denise and sharon darlings! Have you 2 think of a name for our blog already?

Oh well, enough of this boring crap! Alot of you might already have heard! i sack my boss. So now i gotta do a details description of the situation so people will stop asking.

Many of you might already have learn that my boss has outstanding payment and is into heavy debts, i complain about it a couple of times but since i wasnt affected most of the time i couldnt careless.

Anyway since me and a few other gals were the highest paid in the company, we are naturally targets to be demolish in events of cutting cost. Not only has the boss not bring in stocks for a couple of months, he came up with funny excuses to delay payment for certain stuff.

At that point of time i already had tots of leaving the company, since working in Far East Plaza at the age of 21 was a little too passe for me. I had already hold a few other jobs, and some company itself have approach me suggesting me to give them more working days. The reason i give was ALWAYS the same (since far east is paying me good)

" i promise if my performance is good and i like this environment, i will quit my current main job and commit fully"

So there was this one day i heard someone saying ex-boss has intention of lowering my pay since i wasnt contributing as much compare to before (cos i was holding a few other jobs), The other senior girls told him it wasn't a fair decision since they still have their pay. So boss said he will consider. I guess it was a something or the other, it wasnt long before he return and tells them in that case he cannot keep me anymore.

Since he doesnt want me anymore, why shud i bother? There was a long and accumulate hatred i develope along this 6 years of working for him, that include the times he sack my closest fren cos he accuse them of stealing, of giving little schedule, of not allowing them room for explanation.

This 6 years of working for him, i have about 4 fren resigning or leaving for unknown reason, of which i had remain in silence, just cos he was paying good money. At the moment i knew i wasnt of any value to him anymore. I wanted to break the silence.

So i did, i secretly called up the scheduler and notify her my dismissal, and called up enuff people i had promise to cover schedule for and told them to find another replacement. I work my last day with the boss, smiling and cracking jokes with him. That day, he did not chose to talk about the reduction of pay. That day, another close colleague of mine left the company upon hearing my dismissal. This, all happening, at the fact that he has no idea i was planning it all.

The next day while i was working for Cuzzies' dad company, ex-boss called and told me alot of nonsensical stuff and ended it with "i am sorry to inform you that we wont be needing your services next month"

me:" huh.... "
ex-boss: " yeah, we wont be using you next month"
me: "i dun get it,... "
ex-boss:" i meant, we,,,"
me:" wait Boss, havent you heard?............ i tender my resignation YESTERDAY!!!"

that got him speechless, retarded and almost burning, i could feel the heat when he added "but nobody told me"


me:" maybe you shud check with the rest before calling me"
boss: "oh... i tot it will still be good to tell you formerly"


i know i know, woman are the more ferocious creature made my God. Zui Du Fu Ren Xin

Sunday, June 01, 2008

i hate today!!!

The pic u see below was taken via webcam at 2pm today, and the pic above was taken at 8pm now.

Today sales was so-so. but i dread today mainly because i feel sick. The feeling got so bad i was beginning to feel my anemic acting up. There wasn't any sugary stuff i was into so the only thing i could do was to force throw-up those food i had in the morning. I wonder why empty stomach prevent any symptons of unwell.

Anyway i rush into the ladies and puke watever food i had gobble up in the morning. The main thing i threw up was the Coke i drank.

i dunno if u know of other people similar to me but i detest Coke (coca-cola) cos it makes me feel nauseous. The gassey effect makes me burp and then all other food feels funny. i still force feed myself with Coke cos the man, as well as my dad, are die-hard fan of Coke, since i can never finish one can of drink by myself, i've always share watever the man drinks.

On days when he is good, we can share a can of Sprite together, strangely Sprite did not have those effect on me.

Anyway after puking my breakfast i was feeling better. It wasnt long before my stomach was rioting for food. Dinner was a huge portion of rice. i ate claypot rice but since my stomach wasn't feeling very well, i finished only half a packet, and the chicken was left untouched.

Towards evening, my stomach finally surrender and i undergo serious
(hahahah) diarrhoea.

there goes all the food for the day.

i know this entry is gross and redundant. oh well, someone please pity those food i have wasted in a day

okok.. so sick of repeating the story.
amazing ah, haha.. i dunno if i shud be proud of the fact that some1 is stalking me or what.
Oh well, case has officially been hand over to the police,
so mister stalker-cum-DON (watever u wanna call urself, SORRY!!)
Here's what happen, for those of you who have waited enuff cos i only tell bits and pieces of the WHOLE story
one fine day
i was irritated with a phone call that woke me up, even though it was 11am already, but i was sufferring from insommia the night before
me: hello
Don: Hello Kristal, what are you doing now?
me: who are you....
Don: Don
Me: ok. *frustuated* Don who
Don: Don, your schoolmate in NYP
*some funny stuff abt his identities later
Don: You are from NYP right? Studying ******* (course name)
Don: you are short right (duhz,, what an insult)
don: You have short hair right, i dun mean that short, somewhat shoulder length
i was rather impress at his research, what a handful of homework done, haha. anyway i got him to tell me who gave him my number and he randomly mention Kelvin.

And i must praise his luck cos there is officially 2 Kelvin in my course, one of whom i have no idea who and the other who is a police man now.
i finally told Don i got to verify his identity with Kelvin, and without warning, (which was extremely rude in my opinion), he hung up.
i then make a few calls to Kelvin, who was obviously VERY angry his name was used for some accusation. He also attempt to call Don and turns out a few guys who rotate the phonecall identify themselves as Don.
It was scary cos he obviously knows quite alot about me.
For the next few days, he attempted to sms me and call me but to no avail i was Fucking reluctant so i did not pick up the call. He finally gave up days later.
As to why the matter was later handled over to the police, its pretty obvious as Kelvin is the policeman. haha.. or maybe he did not do so as i oppose to the idea.
So Don, next time choose a name like peter, in this modern age, this name is history.
Anyway, thanks to JiaLing (which is VIV's brother gf) i manage to find the clue to all this crap,.
1. he got my number = from this stupidblog
2. he got my infor = from this stupidblog
3. he know the name Kelvin= by luck
4. he knows my height= by pic from this stupid blog
5. he knows my hair lenght= from this stupid blog
yes yes dun remind me abt my stupidity to name this blog add my hp number, i was the innocent stupid idiot many years ago and it makes it easier from old time fren to contact me n keep themselves updated.
Tats all about the stalker.