Monday, January 25, 2010

I have spend the weekend fruitfully, shall not update till bbbbb has receive his special surprise. I feel good, thou my fingers are burnt and peeling red.

Sun was spent at work - What else is new? haha, sales was good and we were busy busy busy... i cut my bangs in the morning and spent the rest of the day regretting it. Shouldnt have allow those itchyy fingers to hold the scissors. Juno took a quick look at my bangs and consoled there was hope. Now it up to me to maintain looking well in those silly bangs till i visit Salon.

Nothing much happen at work except for those irritating kids that tried their luck on me, Daryl (my new, self-obsessed colleague) had to tell them in secret that i was old enough to be their jie jie before they retreat. bbbbbbbb and i tot it was funny, he even ask me how it feels to be approach by young lad, my response was that i felt a little un-respected, i could have scream "Mei Da Mei Siao" at them, but that will only reveal my true age even more.

Stupid birthday, cant we stop those candle increasing every year?

bbbbbb and i had a chat some days back, we kinda reveal our unhappiness about each other and some misunderstanding. He jokingly said something that had meant i was nothing special and whatever we went through together he could do so to any other girls. Sad thing is that i wasnt able to take it as a joke and it hurt me really badly. hmmmm.... dun wan to continue, it hurts again.

In either case, we are fine now=) and i am glad, super relieve of it. I want things to work out between us and for him to see me as the same girlfriend he had fell for years back.

i am craving Korean food at Marios now.... someone please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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