Tuesday, January 29, 2008

he who is strictly pampered at home,

you may think Hori hate that bandanna, OMG he loves it la.

When he looks at you like that, it means he wanna go for a walk,

The sweeter he looks, the softer your heart begins to melt.

That very day Bro n gf went for breakfast, they decided to leave the poor puppy at home,
i knew i was in a for a treat but i got my stuff ready and slowly walk besides him,
carefully unlock the gate and slowly seeped my way out.
Hori slowly swim his way (he does run, he swims at home across the floor) towards the door,
gimme that really pathethic look and makes me melt.

As i was talking in some baby-language about how puppy shud stay at home,
the cunning puppy push his way thru my leg, went right in between and out thru the door

i WAS FOOLED!!! The man n i had to run down to the sixth floor but he was too fast for me. I shouted at my BRO get him and that stupid dog is finally caught.

i tink he hates me. but what to do? i love him la

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