Monday, January 21, 2008

pre-wedding preparation, the ugliest fugliest version of kristal,

This fucking pic makes the man laugh for 21378182312.54231days!

The morning of the wedding, night is dark and i prepared myself, dressed up in the white white tube dress and had my new curls done, i know u cant see the pic clearly, will take more pic of myself with emphasis on the curls (which i realy like)

Cuz n i planned our brides'maid attire to consist of white and gold, so i had my very lovely hair band tied on my curls, a gold highwaist belt and a gold watch, pearl earring(i always wear pearl earring) and a fugly white heel (so my gold heels was so-conincidently spoilt)

make my way to Ah boy-gor gor hse (its funny cos now we might have to call him Ah-boy uncle)
and saw Cuz there, she was in her white tannkini- dress with her hair all tied up. both of us tied gold ribbon on our wrist and we make our way into the 10 cars of the groom's bestman car. They were a whole bunch of car-freak guys so its fun. All the jokes we tok on the car, all the comment Cuz and i had of each and every guy (shh,....i wont tell)

As we were the only 2 brides maid from the groom, we were not require to do anything. The bride's bridesmaid were a havoc bunch and the forfeit was damn damn mean (pic to follow)

in the end the happily newly married couple finally see eachother after 78435489453214min of waiting, and that scene of happiness was everything in the world.

Anyway i shal cut it short, afternoon, i receive the bouquet of flower from the bride so i'll be the next to get married(the man said i am so suay @!#$#^%^%$&)

Me with my newly received bouquet of flower.. hehehe

More more pic.. hehe..

the night gown shall follows, as soon as i get the pic ready..

i love wedding.

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