Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i hate this workload

the man and i are not on good terms these days, i've been piled with umpteen loads of stuff to do, of which most of them are not what i am suppose to do. Hate it!

i dun wan to hate a fren because its not her fault to fall sick. I just think this whole work stuff is depriving me of my well-deserve workload, of which i will do very willingly. Its just that this days all 3 jobs are pressing me for time, and those time spend with the man are just for sleeping, no hugs, no sharing of blanket, just sleeping.

The worst part is that he dun seem to be bother by it, and it makes me feel worst. I miss those times we nua at his place. Watch tv and quarrel stupid, nowadays we quarrel seriously and it suck.

today is worst cos even wifey- sharen in on MC. Sulking sulking wednesday, and the man has fall sick, i intially had plan to take half day just like Shar did when her fiance met a car accident, a really minor one. haha, so maybe i can exagerate till my man is having high fever?

anyway the fact that everyone needs help tells me there is no hope of taking the half day. And mum just called to ask if i wanna get my hair done today! OF COURSE I WANT IT DONE LA! but can i? the man is sick and i have to go find him. saturday is work and so is sunday. i hate jobs now.

if she is still on MC tomorrow, i seriously dun wan to bother, anyway her "best friend" hates me and i hate seeing him as well. the atmosphere downstair is like zombie left in a deserted hut.

hate this job this week, i hope days can countdown fast.

shud i regret extending this temp? .. but money is everything

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