Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Damn lazy to update in details and chances are i will get caught doing this: -

Martini Firm New Year EVe (no edit, no rotate)

Bored me and Denise chatting with Clar and Pau, we are sitting on the queen size bed with a table in the middle, hugging a pillow and drinking martini

Some Random choc, deliciously bitter

Pauline and i , no more side shots, i look humongous la!

Here the ang moh in the middle, the char-tar Pau and white mama

They are totally in love so we've decided to solemnise both

Forfeit!!! hate the game, drink is nice thou, pic is deceiving, haha, i kena the most la -.-"

Drunk?!@! dun look down on my angels, they are bored cos the drink is not strong enuf for them

suddenly a orb flew by.. p---u--sss-h!

she fake a smile, so her jaw stays in shape

she introduce cholatety drink, her smile appears more like she is introducing darlie

Denise and her slogan pose

thats about it!

more pic,.. hmm.. lazy to upload

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