Friday, January 11, 2008

HOB NOB on a random day

Denise. Kristal. Sharon chose a random to hop down to HOB NOB to grab some well-deserve food, haven seen Sharon for a while but nuttin has changes, she is still bubbly!

We've decided to shop around the ONLY place in Singapore worth walking for now, TOWN.

As usual, plc is the same, clothes is the same, road is the same, nuttin has been interesting.
(* a comment made by someone who works in TOWN for the fifth year selling clothes.)

we then decided to waste some times walking from Somerset to Orchard, meanwhile popping by tiny boutique browsing thru clothes

We finally arrive at the ever familiar Hob Nob and was greeted by the ever-smiling lady boss Cheryl, this despite us being late for 1hr!

I ordered my all time favorite Cream of Shitake Mushroom, which i readily force my besties to order, against Denise unwillingness, check out how she forcely rejected my offer

Anyway all 3 of us had the soup and it was as fabulous as ever, check out Sharon's comment on
and Denise

here's our main course,
Kristal - Cream baked Dory fish
Sharon - Cream baked Dory fish
Denise - Aglio Olio

Dory fish at Hob's nice cos of the thick layer of cream on top of the fish and the well-grilled fish tat was never too wet nor too over-cook, simply my favourite (after Cream of Shitake mushroom of course)
Denise Aglio olio is damn nice too cos the olive oil use to cook the pasta was light and not too heavily tasted, the bacon bits are not oily too and comes in small bits.

i think i ate 2 persons portion. denise and mine! Haha, denise stomach is the size of peanut, what to do

Check out my 2 besties, still the same, and still as supportive

i love my outing, more pics at==>click here -> HOBNOB

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