Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i had a wonderful birthday on friday and a rather unforgettable one on sat,
i have tonnes of pix to be uploaded and lotsa of description stuck on my head,
i've got $1350 worth of Ang pow and lotsa of present which amazingly, suits my liking
(and i mean every single, minute birthday present, even that packet of chocolate soothes the throat to the max)

my besties, angels, cuzzies, those souls of the party spirit are at the highest. I find it hard to bring my gratitute to words, i din even cry when i feel unhappy cos those gal (and guys ) were so motivating.

The true fun comes from doing things togther, and for that you girls(guys) desrve the best i can ever give

Angels-----Pauline------ Clarinda
Besties----- Sharon------- Denise
The supporting roles ---- Jia Ying------Caifu-----Firemen-----The man

i am blessed, my birthday finally lit up its candle.

and i am rich.. haha.. here comes the new Laptop for a new sch terms.

more pix.. stay tune

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