Thursday, May 23, 2013


Learnt a new word via blogreading today, fell in love with this word and am trying to blog based on it. Renewing my emotion this thursday so as to look forward to another awesome long weekend .. argh... life's little surprise :)

I'm extremely proud of my revived interest in blogging. and it has been 3 consecutive day since i do so? ( albeit the lack of pictures, i am lugging my digi-cam to Malacca tomorrow, hoping i can capture some good pictures already!)

So yesterday i went on a freeride (thank you besties-in-law) over to Besties' new hood, the house is completely undone (undone is an understatement because we cannot even pee in the toilet - yet!!!)
I honestly love random outing like this and with the company of my favorite people [[yes Ah Cai Shu (A.k.a besties-in-law) earn his favorite now that he is married to besties]]. We sat in the living room, making random imaginations of where all the furnitures will be placed, i sat in awe of the dream this 2 are living & started dreaming about my dream house.     As with all the Singaporean, the "custom" here in Singapore is to build your house before you build the wedding. The lag between applying for a flat & getting the keys are unexpectedly near, and a lot of relationship are living in denial juggling between [sealing] a life partner & building a home tgr.      Fortunately for my 2 favorite people, they are about to mark their 10th year of dating (that is equivalent to 9 years of courtship & 1 year of marriage... creepy)    and so far their plan have been moving at a significantly healthy pace.      I am feeling lucky looking at them discuss their home ideas, it makes me excited for the day bbbb and i do such thing (no.. no luck with future plan yet :) we are building our dreams remember?)

Anyhow, we gobble pizza down while chatting (that give birth to 3 new ulcers this morning, thanks braces!) and besties took the measurement after measurement & excitedly share the little project she is working on (think.... entertainment room ..!). i cant wait to see their hood embark on the next phase of renovation, where all their customization ideas are brought alive by the trusted construction company they've engage their help with.    Building a home, as it is put, is a real chore (fun chore )

Oh, and after handing the dress Besties equally love, i feel a strong urge to keep one for myself too, so the very next day i put them on and can i just say how i really love this piece?! the cutting is amazing (for a petite girl like me) and the length feels like it was made for me... haha...   here's my OOTD 
Really adoring the pocket details, and price only at S$18, this is a real steal (a loss for me honestly...  but this is one attractive piece i have to share!)

Cant wait to receive the pictures from Besties when she don them on, she is much taller than i am and i bet the overall feeling is different. I matched my outfit with a thin headband and tied my hair up in a high ponytail, the aim was to drive the feel away from a ordinary working dress and i must say i feel a lot younger wearing them :)

.... on an other note, feeling rather zonk at having to give the secondary school metup a miss. 
Due to an important matter,i will be accompaning bbbb off to Malacca tomorrow morning, i hope i wont be a white elephant there and be of use when help is required, you'll hear alot of me heading to malacca cos that is where bbbb's father is from and because they own a house there. Anyhoot, i hope i can make up for another meetup with the peeps once i return, really miss them all after not catching up since we all graduated ions back.. 

now it's time to head back to reality.. ttyl blog


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