Thursday, May 16, 2013


This narration was a true account of what i have witness earlier, characters have been meme-tize to save the privacy of each individual

Smart Student A: Hey B, the computer 201 is old and slow & almost spoilt, dont you think we need a new replacement?

Not-So-Smart Student B: Oh, if you need a new set, you should request with Teacher yourself!
*Not-So-Smart Student B heads over to teacher anyway

Not-So-SmartStudent B: Teacher, the computer 201 is spoilt, we need to get it replaced.

Teacher: Oh, sure i will propose for a new set tomorrow. By the way, you are not assign to that desk, how would you know it is spoilt?

Not-So-Smart Student B: Smart Student A told me, he thought i was stupid and did not know his real intention, i told him i wasnt stupid and that he have to request it himself.

who is the stupidier one? i witness the whole accident and didnt know if i should faint at his stupidity or laught that he didnt realize he had indeed *(as expected by Smart-Student A) propose for a new set of computer for Student A. 

The only one to gain will still be Student A lah, even the Teacher hearing it will laugh at this silly joke, this did not happen in School and they are NOT students, which makes it even funnier -.-"


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