Wednesday, May 15, 2013

braces + facial

It's been a week since i am on braces, the pain has since subside and i am back to my normal diet of food & snacks, only i take longer than usual to eat them, and sometimes get sick of chewing cos it triggers the near-healed ulcer and then i will give up eating.

Does braces really equates to diet?'
This is not true if you have a high treshold of pain, i dare say i am. Unfortunately, the pain was still unbearable at the first 3 days (with up to a record breaking 7 ulcers on both sides along the wall of my mouth)

The result of losing weight thanks to braces is attributed to the torturing chewing process when eating that will cause the metal to scrap against the wall of your lip, thus causing the ulcer to quickly swell & create even more ulcer.

Dont worry since the ulcer go away pretty fast, even for impatient people like me who is pretty used to biting off the ulcer on the mouth, i choose to leave them alone and amazingly they quickly recover.

So there you have, the lastest update of my braces, not much difference in my daily lifestyle. I do get friends telling me how my features are changing drastically and i somehow look different. This is true to a certain extent since i haven't been putting eyeliner ever since i had my braces done. I use to swear by eyeliner and still carry an extra eye pencil whereever i go, but i notice my eyes are noticeable larger than the past and doing away with the eyeliner does not make much different than with them.  

Super thankful to this new transformation because i can proudly say i am nearing my "make-upless" target with only the following beaute regime, twice a day 7 days a week.


  1. Cleanser: Cetaphil face&body cleanser for a super thin & light wash in the morning
  2. Essense: Hada Labo facial hydrating essence
  3. Moisturiser: Hazeline 雪花膏
  4. Sunblock: currently digging the samples given by my aunt from the previous facial wash (the brand is call Benephit, super duper good!!)
  5. Eyebrow: Elianto eyebrow pencil for the outline, Red Earth Eye brow shadow for the filling
  6. Cheek: Benefit Lip&Cheek tint  (my smartest of all purchase because i still digging it super badly after 2 years!!!!!)
  1. Cleanser: Younger cleanser as recommend by my Aunt after my facial
  2. Water Bank: Laneige night water sleep gel
Never underestimate the power of cheap cheap product you see the elderly use over the long years, i have been using Hazeline for years now and they are still super cheap & good. I recently got Mum some products from Estee Launder because i learn alot of Mummies still swear by Estee Lauder after so many years so i am hoping Mum will benefit from it.    My face regime cost way lesser than most of my friends i have asked about. The major purchase are probably from the Benephit Sunblock i am considering getting from my Aunt, the rest are slightly steeper in my opinion but they last a long long time. 

In addition, i will like to highly rave about Cetaphil face&body wash that i have been raving lately. 
My brother has been using it for his face for a while but i didnt really take notice of it till i read it online. The article reccomend alternating 2 facial wash daily to cater to the different environment you have placed your skin in over the time of the day. 

Therefore i chose Cetaphil because i sleep in a air conditioner room the night before and with minimum product use on my face in the night, only a light wash is needed to keep the face hydrated enough for the make up to stay on till the evening. 

For the night wash go for a slightly intensive wash to deep-cleanse the make up off your face & all the dirt your face is introduced to. A deep cleanse also ensure the your pores are free to breathe for the rest of the evening before you put on your night essence before bedtime. 

I am not a pro in skincare i really am not, but i am thankful to be able to find a formula that suits my skin so well and even the recent hot.humid weather still doesnt guarantee outbreak, the first miracle since i reached puberty haha. 

I have recently started going to my Aunt's condo for monthly facial, i love love love home based salon because they are more comfy than retail ones. I have never had a facial prior to visiting her and am thankful i started going for facial at age 26, i believe it is high time to reconstruct my skin as i move forward to another aging stage of life.   Thankfully the new facial resolution did not create a hole in my pocket, at only S$40/ trip for an hour of massage/scrub/steaming/mint mask/more massage/pore minimizing treatment in the comfort of her air-conditioned bedroom on a regular facial bed with the aroma therapy candle burning & soothing music playing in the background, need i go on further?

Also fantastic is how i can enjoy the facial at her condo, and perhaps sneak into the residence pool for a quick swim before i head home. i also enjoy the company of my cousin who will chat away with me if i ask for her to stay beside me while i enjoy the treatment. i strongly think facial is the best form of pampering i have awarded my skin ever since i started aging.

gah.. alot of boring talks about aging, typical woman talk, here's heading off to daydream about a good long holiday. chaos!


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