Monday, May 31, 2010


So much excitement on another dull day at work.

It was work at far east as usual and i was really dying of boredom (Note to Self: save enuff extra cash to finally rent a book from Sunnies')

The first surprise came from Denise and her sis', they came to visit. It was nice to see someone familiar amist the strange crowd on Sunday. Denise was in her super cute-blue-jumpsuit and her sis was in that bonitochico romper.

They have had their brunch down at Robertson Quay and drop by to get their hair done. I recommended Juno's and soon they were there for the next 2 hrs dyeing, treatment and highlighting in funny streaks (kidding,.. it was sexy red streaks on brownish/purpurlish hair for sis and darker brown on Denise's)

Overall review- not quite as expectation according to the princess, (as such i have booked myself an appointment to experience it for myself)

den slightly later in the afternoon came Jean in a all black attire with a cutesy hot pink bag, she had pop by to await her pals before heading for dinner. It was really sweet of her to drop by town earlier to keep me companied. BUT she was off to accompany Denise after learning she was nearby.

Den while i was playing with the clothes of the neighbouring shop, Sharon and CF drop by too!!!!!

YAY-ness! DKS is complete plus JEAN! Sharon drop by for a massage and to get her shoes for the start of a new working environment this wednesday.

and to tink i was still hoping we could all meet over the weekend, this girls had made it all worthwhile filling up the empty slots on my lonely working day.

Pop-by surprises aside. I must have spent a bomb over the weekend cos even Mum seems to realise. i look back at the paper bags i;ve accumulated, most of them in yellow, PaperStop had successfully made me succumb to F21, and i need to say this- if you do search enuff, some stuff at F21 are comparable if not cheaper than Far East loots. Its worth the catfight (hahah... not really, except the salesgirl must have been pulling our hair inside their mind each time we arrive at the changing room with like 12 pieces of clothes in hand demanding we try them 4 piece by 4 piece.)
And apart from all these excitement, i have been around town consecutively for 4days straight in a row. A little weird and sick but it was way fun. Here are a list of my damages (bbbbbbb be prepare to scream.. even thou i was dead sure i had informed you of my loots already)
  1. Gladiator- black and dirt cheap (use tenant discount)
  2. 2 sets of lingerie that will create that effect (Denise and PaperStop knows excctly what i am saying... haha)
  3. a basic v-neck tank that will complements my lingerie and create THAT effect
  4. one piece of F21 undies, mad-cuteness
  5. one sunshade, Rayban style with diamanettes across the rim
  6. F21 tubes dress, floral prints and very very sweet
  7. Had dinner at Ippodu with PaperStop, the famous Jap ramen place, gonna blog about it separately
  8. Coffeebean, Starbucks, coffeebean, starbucks
  9. Dinner with bbbbbb family at Togi, the really tasty korea restaurant at Chinatown, we were even given the VIP room.. haha... i ate bbbbbb share, the bill came to about $200 and it was deductable from the family fund i heard, very very brilliant idea for bbbbbbbb's family...cant apply the same to my family thou, sis and bro are still young and incapable of contributing.. furthermore Kor is married and hardly has time for family outing.
  10. Herwalkincloset floral blazer, bought that a while back and it finally arrived
  11. Bonitochico Toga sequins dress that is due to arrive this week
  12. bangles, 3 sets of them
  13. NewLook dress+petticoat, bought slightly after exam

cant list them no more, i have new stuff to flash at uk and that makes me happy=)

Gonna do a separate post on Togi and Ippodu. This coming week is gonna be equally pack, tuesday hanging out with PaperStop to shop for boss's present, den its a hunt for the Vict-beckham structured dress. Wednesday i am meeting the besties for dinner and chillax by Vivocity, den its hair-appointment with Juno's on thurs.

spend lesser spend lesser... i am leaving Singapore in less than 20 days now!!!!! yay-ness...


i cant wait to see you ALREAdY


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