Saturday, May 01, 2010


Do you often find urself in a dilemma? Not quite...... there are certain things we know for sure - do not contain any room for negotiation. Here are mine:-

  • No matter how you are crazily in love with your bf, you do NOT smell his dirty underwear

    Not that no one is aware how sick this action can be... i just dont see myself ever doing it. It is sick in the head and imagine what happens if your boyfriend sees you doing it??

  • Waffles can NEVER be eaten with dumpling

i know right? Fusion is the THING now... but but can u ever put this 2 tgr?

Before i dated bbbbbbbbbbb, i manage to convince him i was comical (could be the vital reason why he chose me.. teehehee) by saying a long list of food that would make one sick when place together.

To prove my point, i ordered Otah + Lime juice that night.... haha.. see the combination? there were also other sick stuff like "sushi+satay paste" and "raw fish+milk"

  • short leggins should never stick out of long dresses, NEVER

ahahhaha.. my colleagues will find this familiar... it an internal joke. Leggins are useful stuff... they are nice when u use them correctly, not on tee shirt tooooooooooooo short or dress toooooooooooooo long.. it will fit only when it fits.... u can never create a new trend wearing 3/4 denim pant with a lace leggin sticking out.

  • cross dress and behave like the opposite gender on the pretext of checking if they had cheated on you

psycho thing to do.. no further explanation needed..

  • i would NEVER smile at a sworn-enemy and lie in her face that i like her..

i am no fake, and do not appreciate doing things i dun like to do. i may be a crazy bitch sometimes but other than that you can count on me to speak the truth, i dun like to lie.

  • save a video of some intimate moment with a love one somewhere on the triple "W"s

Are they sick of are they sick? i guess the answer is both!!!! if for some special reason, you have to do it (such as the girl really needs to know if the mole stuck on her ass is really big) den do not save them online.... do you really need to trace back on these rendevouz and seek your overseas friend's opinion?

oh... or are you in need to show off ur new tattoo done on ur V? no one really wants to see... damn right sick these ppl. for goodness sake save them in a harddisk and have them burnt before you accidently got stabbed in the stomach. Leave no trace of ur action and everyone else are thankful

  • Walk on an overhead bridge with my eye close

Mum say i was tickle in the foot when i was a baby.. and despite being ok with height, i find it hard to conquer walking on a overhead bridge with my eye close.. i had all sorts of images floating in my mind... those that suggest any further steps taken would sent me jumping off the bridge...

  • put my hands into a misty sink of water no knowing what it contain inside

I was watching this episode of "Kang Xi Lai Ler" and Lee Jiu Zhe talk about his friend who had invited his friends over for a housewarming party. That night everyone got drank and one was so in need of shitting that he shit on top of the toilet bowl (with the lid close) and vomit into the sink.

Next day the owner woke up in a drunken state and was horrid to find the entire toilet having traces of yester-shit. He was relunctantly cursing while cleaning up the place when the sink was choking with brownish looking water... Aware that his friends might have puke last night, he roll up his sleeve and dig his hands into the sink hoping to find what could possibly caused the sink.

Turns out the drunken friend last night had meant to clean up the place and as such unknowingly threw the shit in handful right into the sink.

You can imagine the rest... i am gonna puke now..

  • stay in a job longer than i tink, even if i need the $$$$$$$$

another issue with pride and fake-ness

  • shut up about changing my name

yup.. i hate my chinese name... if you know me enuff u would have realise i never really mention my chinese name to many friend. Even in secondary school my best friend help out by calling me my english name during Mother Tongue class so much as that even the teacher finds it hard to remmeber anything other than Kristal.

and i am STILL not going to reveal it.. grrrrrrrrrrrr

There hope you can come up with your own list of things that you can never give exception to... ppl will eventually compromise after knowing u will never convince ur self to come out of these circle.


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