Monday, April 26, 2010

I know just how people are gonna tell me to stop being so NOT modest, but i guess unless you can make something more beautiful than this.... then i will shuddup

I am loss for words for myself... love this sweet little thing. It's a imagination-make-believe combination of all the things i can sum up for Paperstop for her birthday.

Floral + lace (with Ribbon as replacement) +Pearl. Its so elegant!!

Happy Birthday Young thing, i was at your age LAST YEAR! wahhahah.a. but i grew out of that.

I just love making stuff for people that are nice to me.... i remember Besties Sharon and Darling Denise receive quite a few handmade from me over the years..... Pau and Viv probably did too.... and i receive quite a few in return, Denise made a beautiful butterfly necklace for me once and Besties Sharon sewn the nicest cushion EVER!

Cuz made her first ever D&T piece for me and it has been my keychain till today, i simply love that one till death, gonna post one on it soon.... Pau made me........... my bed!! wahhaha... i remember those days i took lodging at her place, she had prepare the bedsheet with fresh pillowcase for me....
Iguess those thing that left a super deep impression are things that are made with effort and comes with this feeling call "love" =)

I love you all my true friends =)

Happy Birthday again PaperStop=) enjoy your hotel stay - as usual


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