Sunday, April 04, 2010

Re: love you

I suddenly imagine this. "The moment u got out of the airport. I hug u in that purple pullover sis gt u frm pull &bear. Ur body warm sent chill down my spine. Den ur lip touches mine. Next thing ur hand held mine and that boney fingers locked into my chubby fingers n they fitted so perfectly. I even vividly remember staring at ur eye for a while, amaze u finally came back after 6 torturing months of missing you.

Den you had ur arms around mine while we turn to look at ur buddy and u started chatting wit them. I spent the next freaking long moment capturing that moment inside my heart, downloaded it and locked it in a heart-shaped drawer. Just waiting to browse thru it again whenever I wanted to. That enchanting moment of seeing u in real again was magic"

Then I woke up from this drawer and realise I had 10 more weeks before you are finally returning back for good. And that same chill ran down my spine ever again, constantly acknowledging the fact that each time I see/ sometimes just thinking about you makes me nervous. I had fallen in love with u over and over again for 20months and u always felt like the new-found possession=)

p/s: i just realise i had post this alongside the other private msg i have been sending bbbbbbbbb really hoping no one reads it... =(

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