Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Super surge of self-obsession
I am seeing a new sign......

It seems i woke up yesterday morning feeling like a totally different person, its hard to explain what exactly i meant by different

i feel like Kristal in a new body
i began to feel really conscious about my body, my hair, my eyes, my boobs... EVERYTHING!

u will probably die listening to me rant about myself, but since this is my blog, Chngies.BS is mine! i have all rights to vent, show off, blame my whole-self.

  • i wonder if my hair is naturally straight or naturally curl
You know many friends always go about taking about how their hair is naturally straight thus harrd to stay curly after a perm?

So i asked myself if i was naturally curl or straight-- i cant answer that question!!! I was born with ALOT of white hair, they are usually straight till the tip, the tip of the hair curl outwards, inwards, north-east, north-west, south-west.
It was crazy, but it only curl at the tip, no matter how short my hair was (at one point i had this stupid short hair during JC, so gonna post pic of that one), it was the same.

When i straighten my hair when i was 16, it stayed straight through i chop them off, i believe that was a span of at least 2 years, 2 freaking straight year of straight, and besides being frizzy, it had remain considerably straight without much care.

Then one day i went to perm my hair, it was stupid too! i wanted to surprise an ex-bf who had return from Taiwan (army-trip) so i got my hair perm at a hefty cost of $500, i remmeber Apel was the first to see me in that hair, followed by Desmond Koh (yes yes yes that DJ, cant remember why also), the curl lasted me till---- well.. today.

i had re-perm twice in between, so to speak i had perm my hair 3 times altogther within a span of 5 years and till today (my last perm was in 2009 Feb) friends are still telling what is left of my curl is still nice.

Could it be that hair-dresser was good? I dunno, the first $500 perms din last long enuff, it was still curly but my hair looks dead, my second curl cost me ONLY $100 and it lasted for 3 years... haha..... cheap things aint always bad.... my last curl was sponsor by bbbbbbbbbbbbb and tgr with some other treatment it had burn his pocket for about $400. But all the 3 perming had my hair stayed curly for a good 5 years...


  • How long have i been pregnant?

ok.... dun freak out, i am NOT pregnant, but because i've been joking about myself being pregnant for too long... it just seems naturally to call that tummy of mine my baby (teeheehee)

I had had my tummy for the longest time. -.-" I am lazy- Yes? No? Maybe?

When i had a major weightloss 2 years back due to a very bad toothache + stress about school fees, i lost a total of 8 kg, but it wasnt that bad... i had lost it over a span of 6 months... My "baby" had gone from "5months" till about "4months" despite the weight loss, i still had my major bulk saturated below the boobs, SiAhPau had point out that the only thing that had seem out of place on my body is perhaps my "baby"

WHY? =( =( =( i had manage to tighten my waist (i usually dont hit size L for bottoms), but my "baby" stays.... looking onto the bright side, i suppose when i am REALLY pregnant, my offspring shall have lotsa of space to move, provided i minus the fats faster than i can get pregnant.

  • Why do i still have baby hair?

This is bad, i had finally pluck up all courage to pull my hair behind and keep no trace of fringe on my face, yet 5 hrs into each morning when the hair starts drying up from the moisture, those silly baby hair starts sprinting out of place, and i look like a mess, like a serious mess

  • Got to get those fingernails painted

Could i be the only woman who hates painting nails in fanciful designs,.... sigh, Mummy could have name her daughter wrongly, i cant have Crystal on my nails, i will scrap it off faster than it took those manicurist to put them on.

Could it be bbbbbbbbb is returning back for good? I am counting down to almost 9 weeks before his return.

I wanna look fantastic, the best i could, i wanna takes lotsa picture with our sidekick Canon D40, i wanna do a self-made-photoshoot of bbbb and me.... I wanna look my best...

this is seriously worrying that i've come to a stage whereby i had the tendency to get offtrack to shopping online during work, durin revision and i tend to look at ladies struttin their stuff down the street, i had so much ideas in mind i just wanna get that body to wear them all

too much crap... i am bursting with self-obsession... argh........shrug


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