Tuesday, April 06, 2010

doing a backdated post on Denise darlin's birthday.

It was a date that none of my friend knew about, i shall have to credits the success to Google.com

So on her actual birthday on 11 March 2010, we had arrange for darlin to meet me in town. I had did up a treasure hunt clue-map that will eventualy lead her and Sharon besties to the correct location.

i had called up the bistro beforehand to delay the reservation timing, had initially tot they wont be able to locate the bistro that soon

But as usual, my best friends are tooooo brainy for simple hunt like the one i create, already noted to do up a super messy treasurehunt the next time... So i shall fast forward to the time we spend at the bistro. Here's Denise with a cake we all love, special thanks to annoymous for the sponsorship (how nice if the entire dinner was sponsored as well )

We had a hard time cuttin up the cake cos it was a layer of rocher-biscuit in the middle, it taaste
so good i have officially replace this with gateaux chocolate cake from Four leaves in my heart.

What i love about Relax bistro is the humongous mirror we have just behind the dining table, its every girls dream to eat like a lady, but this also happen to the only thing i cant do.

Colleagues have reminded me times and again that i chew very loud when eating, and ever so often i caught myself eating with my mouth open.... how "lady-like"

Sharon sat beside me and Denise is opposite of us, so she did not face the mirror, but it wouldnt matter cos she is probably one of the rare person i see that eats like she is attending an ettiquette lesson. Do you know she cuts up even pasta? she is that delicate at food, but DEFINITELY not that sort that go to the extreme and eat crab with fork and knife (who on earth can do that?)

Sidetrack a little, i nv really had to peel prawn (becaues if i do i rather not eat prawn, swallow the shell together with the meat or use my hand to peel) cos bbbbbb usually do that for me. He took about 8 months to teach me how exactly to peel prawn, and though i still suck at it, at least i am improving.

Ok, did i mention both my besties are Iphoner while i am a BB-ian? Denise has recently decided to get herself a BB, on top of her Iphone so we can communicate. from the picture u cant tell what she is doing but Denise is actually recording down all the food we've order, a TRUE FOOD JUNKIE dont you tink? you can read about all the food we eat here

Another close up pic of me and Sharon besties, we have all grwon up and change soooooo much, even the hair colours are two worlds apart.

Why does all of the pictures makes me look so ugly?

A super narcissist pic of Denise, taken using my camera (super super zoom in) Here's a really clean face, make-up-less (minus the mascara)

In case you din realise, i am wearing Floral Peplum dress in Black and am loving it to the max, one should really own at least a piece of floral dress in their closet =)


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