Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some pictures off our Canon D450 that bbbbbbbbbbb took during his roadtrip to Lake District to share =)

Sunset along the horizon (whatever you call it)
This is a lovely scenery, how comfortable just looking =)

Minus bbbbbbbbb's hair (which he has yet to trim despite my heavy persuasion) and his moustache (someone please agree with me it makes him loook so much older

Will like to thank whoever took this picture for bbbbbbbbbbbb........
i realise how much weight he has lost........

More pictures of sunset, cant get enough, can you?

Lake..... this IS a lake, what sort of "long-gao" in Singapore did we name "lake"? i stay opposite Lakeside, and nope, nuttin as beautiful!

bbbbbbbbbbbbbb as the photographer, his pal Fendi as the model=)

one shot of bbbbbbbbbbb.. still too much hair, but at least with a very kempt face

and another one... smiling
i sure wish i was in THAT car =]


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