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the matter with being upfront honest

Last night I was watching "Bao Liao Hei May Gui" on channel 8 and was honestly amuse at the amount of scandal, hidden secret and etc beneath the glamourous entertainment industry. not only was "fiona" a person of atitude, "mark" constantly off-the-dot, "desmond" afraid of cat and "yifeng" with the highest number of papparazi headlines, there were also other tiny blooper, setbacks all trash in the 1hr show.

colleagues and I sat down during lunch today and gossip abt the stuff we've understood from the show. Both Tina & I and a couple of our felow colleague were impressed that "yifeng" show no fear in revealing each stars' dark secret. I had isssue with ppl being upfront honest with me and see their words as being brutal, bt many times, like many of u. We do hope we had their bold, daring and determination, a sentence once said, allows no room for regret

Indeed I admit I am nt tooo much of a shy-mice myself. There was this time when I was still helping out at canele, a table of 4 french ordered baked rice, pasta, soup, salad, sandwich, ice cream and a slice of cake EACH. That means 4 shares of each dish. I was really certain they can't finish all that they have ordered, and despite the language barrier, I hand-signal to them (rub my tummy, pretend to throw up and motion my hands like they were scooping food into my mouth non-stop) The french probably understood my signals, bt they had insist they could gulp down whatever they've order. As such, I repeat my order (pointing to the picture and show a 4 to represent 4 sets) and confirmed their order.

Upon presenting the order to the chef, he wasn't very pleased and as I was new I felt really intimidated by his doubt. I assure I had double confirm and they really wanted all of the above- in 4 sets. The chef had his doubt and even threaten (more like jokingly tell me he will dock my pay) me abt this.

Let me emphasize that into their third dish, a pasta for each pax, they hadn't complain and were still eating. They even order another pint of beer each and a glass of red wine. I was impressed and almost too convinced they were glutton

bt not too long before- low and behold! - While the chef was preparing the bake rice to be serve, the french asked for the bill. Everyone fell silent and proceeded with the request while the chef look at me in a stern (and rather fierce way). I wasn't ready to accept my failure and felt the blame wasn't entirely.... No it wasn't the slightesssssssst bit my fault. The chef kinda shouted at me for my negligence and got me fuming mad. Despite me being new, I insist he proceed with serving the bake rice, he could foresee me bringing myself into trouble bt since the bake rice was cooked- why nt?

next thing I knew I was holding 4 sets of bake rice and walking over to the french, I made gentle gesture to offer them to pack the stuff they order for takeaway. They simply forge ignorance and ask for the bill as though the rest of the order could disappear into thin air. I signal to them (with a super sweet smile) that I will include their order in bill- whether it was touched or untouched. The french eventually gave in and ate the bake rice, thou they only manage to scrap off the ingredient and forgo the rice.

the chef was rather impress with my guts and announce to the rest that he admires my attitude (without a hinge of aggressiveness of course) and I felt a million eyes salute me. The french left canele with $288+++ burnt in their pocket. Bt at least they had smile and thanks me for my "genuine-ty"

so here's me experience of being bold and no regrets. Have you got any?

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