Monday, April 05, 2010

I will try my best to make it sound as thrilling as possible, cos its been almost 12 hrs since it happen, and while i was narrating it to the colleagues earlier, none of them had much expression..... how cann?

I ALMOST LOST MY LIFE YESTERDAY, 4 April 2010 at 10.20pm.

Important Message: It REALLY pays to keep your bf on the line when you walk home alone in the dark

Case Name: Almost held hostage by a man with knife

Subject in discussion: Dkriss Kristal

Date: 14 April 2010, 10.20pm

Details: i was on my way home from work and was pretty much drain considering i had woke up at 6.45am in the morning to set off for school and had been in batam the night before till late night 1 plus... my eye was badly infected by my contacts and the specs doesnt seem as clear as before.

So i did my usual routine of calling up bbbbbbb and chatting with him while i walk home, I did so because i always imagine what if someone drag me away and no one was around to help me, at least bbbbbb will know i am in danger and manouvere help at his end.

While nearing my place, i saw a suspicius man, about 1.8m in height, skinny build and dark skin, he was "hiding" by a very old tree in my neighbourhood, so from my vision, he was behind the tree on the right side, while the HDB blocks are on the left. It was nuttin strange as the right side of the tree faces ongoing vehicles and i had assume he was hailing a cab.

What seem strange was his behaviour, he hadnt stand very still and was waving his hand vigorously, at first tot he seems to be dancing, in the middle of the road, but through my blurry eyesight i notice something reflective- IT WAS A FRUIT KNIFE AT LEAST 10cm in length.

i couldnt decipher if i had saw the right thing, cos i am - unfortunately- suffering from night blindess, but for my safety, i knew i couldnt stand there, i was barely 2m away from him so i dare say it would be easy for him to charge towards me.

i whisper to bbbb through the phone that i suspect i am in danger, while doing so i secretly tiptop away and made myself (however i could) as SMALL as possible. It was a stupid sight- thinking back- but i was glad i manage to escape without him noticing. when i felt i was a safe distance, about 5m away from him, i run fast as i could to the neighbourhood and look for help.

Coincidently Mum was walking from the other end so i signal to her what i belive i saw, and while hyperventilating and narrating, i notice one police car on the end of the block. Instantly i knew they were looking out for him so Mum and i went in search of an officer i can report to. Just while we were doing so i heard a loud shout from the policeman asking some to "DROP YOUR WEAPON" since Mum and i were REALLY close to the scene then, i really couldnt remember much other than Mum grabbing my arms really tight and pulling me to hide behind a wall.

We witness the entire episode of

  • 7 policeman
  • 3 police car
  • 3 gun
  • 1 Electric shocker
  • lots of action

the man was obviously under the influence of drug as he was wobbily really hard when the policeman shouted at him to drop his weapon. It wasnt long before he suddenly fell into a kneeling position. 3 of the policeman pinned him down, immediately sweep his weapon aside and cuff him.

Mum and i finally ran up the house and look out our window to see how he was eventually led awy by the policemen. My legs were soft and felt like jelly, i was scared out of my wits cos i knew if i had taken a step nearer at that moment, i could very well be his hostage amongst this action.

Amazingly, this incident coincide with something really freaky -

  • It had randomly e-mail bbbbbb, hrs before the accident, the previous blog-post via BlackBerry about reminiscing the moment i really felt for bbbb... i hadnt a slightest idea it could just be my last sentence to bbbbb
  • The fortune teller that bbbbb's Mum had brought me too, advice me to visit him in the month of April cos he had foresee something happen, i suppose that event he refer to was the very same accident i had undergo.

Needless to say i am thankful that bbbbbbb had been on the line, after the whole incident i begin to thank God for the chance for me to escape unhurt, bbbbb's Mum also called me up to make sure i was ok.

It seems that i've undergo a major stage last night, i am proud of the fact that i had remain rather calm through the entire ordeal, and that i hadnt scream and shout like most girl would when faced with knife.

i've also learnt to appreciate my life a little more, to be thankful bbbbbbb had read that paragraph i wrote to him hrs ago. And i ran thru my Msn list and thank a whole bunch of friends who were online for being my friends, i no longer wanna hide such feelings till its too late.

You may say i am overdoing it, but probably you hadnt come-across life threatening moments like i almost had. I wanna cherish all the friends, and those who read this blog and my blood-related cousins of mine.... before it is too late.

and bbbbbbbb....... God has sent a sign.... teehee... i tink u have to marry me to protect me now.. oops!!


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