Sunday, April 25, 2010


Just some old updates from the prevoius trip to Batam, this was the batch of pre-going pictures =)

So we woke up early and had arrange to meet at harbourfront centre. There were the whole bunch of ladies with Tina's hubby. He was a army officer so we were rather "safe" and "discipline". As PaperStop and i were the youngest in the row, and as we tend to drift away from the bunch whenever we saw something that excites us. He had assign us with the walkie-talkie (Yeah you heard me right, we had walkie talkie incase we went missing... wahaha)

I was glad we were at an island i was particularly familiar with, bbbbbbbbbbb had brought me there before and i could speak their language. I guess communication wasnt such a barrier, i even got the uncle to drive us all to the REAL ralph Lauren (which accordingly to him were manufactured in US, which was different from the others we had seen in other stores)
Flashing some really quirky looks onboard BatamFast, it was weeeee morning and we had to fill up the air with our excitement!!

Ms Tina with some "i am not ready to joke" look.......................

more "gimme a break" face! wahahha..

From left front till left back -- Tina, Tina hubby, Kristal hubby, Kristal Hubby's mummy, Kristal hubby mummy's Mummy &Paper Stop

This pic makes me wonder if people carry some resemblance after hanging around alot for a while.. hmm

Jumping right back to before Ferrry ride, thanks Blogspot! -.-"

We made our way to the ferry terminal. Pictures after pictures were taken and we irritated a family behind us, but SURELY you cannot blame us for the excitement right? We had finally taken a breather from this whole working environment, and we are purely expressing this joy =)

Yeah, my shopping kaki, she has great taste (and a big wad of notes to spend)..... It was early morning, and for some reason PaperStop was someone who can tahan hiding behind a woollen cardigan on a super hot day............ i salute u !

Jumping back to the ferry terminal (no thanks to the messy photo upload function by blogspot) Here are some morning pre-shopping pictures of the ladies at work. They are a super fun bunch....

Here's T's daughter again, some quick pic of her before i leave the job for a few months again... sorry daughter!


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