Sunday, April 11, 2010

On particular friday (it should be the end of month cos i remember our entire company receive our pay that day) the girl-dominated office ladies decide it high time we did something to our pay.

WE WENT TO ELLENBOROUGH CAFE (suck my toes btw, it cost me shit!!)

The company bus arrive at 5.30 on the dot and we wasted no time to board it, but before it happen PaperStop and i were already cam-whoring non -stop, who can contrate on work when you are about to enbulk on a beatiful journey to exquisite food. My tastebuds were itchyy non-stop for crayfish.

It was a convenient train ride from our workplace to ClarkQuay, the Swissotel had been rather quiet when we arrived, seems like Singaporean are not keen on Buffet that day - WRONG!!

i later realise it was packed like sardine as soon as dinner hrs starts, who can resist the temptation of shark fins soup, crayfish, oyster and durian puff!

We waited no later than 5 min for our seat, and thanks to PaperStop who had reserve the place earlier, we were given a corner of the cafe solely to ourselves, simply comfortable and cosy!!!

Oh btw the dres theme of that day was pearl, ALL OF US HAD TO WEAR PEARL. No problem at all for me and PaperStop, but everyone else almost slap us when we suggested this.

Note to self, next theme in mind --- leather.. wahhahah

You should all know by now she is Paperstop, a.k.a Zi Ting, the reason why you see her picture more often thab everyone else is cos she is like me - a narcissist!

And here;s the shot of the powerpuff girls (dun ask me why, our manager call us that -.-")

AND MORE POWERPUFF girls, doing the Sharen smile....

Group photo, f4 with powerpuff, no dun ask me about that either -.-"

What happens when the dinner ends? You either throw up in a huge bowl, or play with the huge bowl, for us its definitely the latter!!

PaperStop also drown Sharen.... in our vomit! teeheehee

Here's another thing about girls with a big mirror, you will take a picture of it against all odd - you can pretend to help take a pictures but ultimately made yourself the highlight. Or you can do what we girls did, we took picture sitting on what could possibly be the most expensive table in Swissotel, and we did got stopped by the hotel staff, but it din stop us. Oh no it didnt.

Enuff pictures to keep you all occupied, happy Sunday!


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