Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Teeth Whitening 2012

Haha.. i am really excited about the new toy that Sylvie from Taiwan recommended. Its a whitening stripe and is recommended by dentist and health promotion board in Taiwan for teeth whitening. I wonder why this product isnt sold in Singapore!!!

i cannot promise there are bound to be result but today's my second day of using it and my teeth were relatively whiten (it could also be my mind psycho-ing me to believe it since the price doesnt come cheap)

If you are keen on trying this magic .... haha.. please have your friend bring them in from Korea/Taiwan.. and do ask me if i will like another box! i cant wait to get another one for the next 6 months!

And now, some simple introduction to my new toy.. its call Perioe 7-days by the way... recommended by one if the famous korea artist that had filmed 2day1night by the way... go google it for the pictures.
I like how the product look very professional and comforting. There is even a tiny booklet advising you on the usage so you know what are the food to avoid (except i din avoid curry cos as i am typing this i had just gobbled down a huge bowl of curry rice... )

Some basic food to avoid are coffee and tea (yes tea... i know.. pity) for the 7 days while u use the product.. other habits to avoid are smoking

i personally found it very simple and ideal especially for the people out there who wants to quit smoking.. haha
the packaging of Period is a  dark blue plastic box with a switch at the end where you lock all the whitening stripes inside.. that simple!
The stripes are divided according to the upper teeth and lower teeth and most of the instruction are written in chinese... To sum it up.. white stripe for the upper teeth and blue stripe for the lower teeth.. haha
I start my whitening with a mirror... and a phone to capture the moment of course!
and here it goes...
Upon tearing the plastic wrap, you'll see this transparency with a layer of opaque gel on it.. the opaque gel is the KEY to whitening the teeth..

by this stage you would have smell the toothpaste-mint .. the gel is also shaped in a way that is suppose to fit nicely on your upper teeth... notice the tiny "v" in the middle for our buck tooth?

amusingly cute!@
i took off the gel from the transparency and heres how it feels like... very soft and subtle and definitely gentle on the gum

i am aware this is the main concern we might all have. how we've heard stories of whitening experience at the dentist and the solution that was poured burned your gum.. you wont feel the pain till the session is almost over...
WHAT?!!! i would NEVER want that to happen to me lah!
and here's a close up of my very red face (huge pores i know)  while i try to place the gel neatly align to the row of my upper teeth
did you notice i had the upper teeth pasted already?!

AMAZING right?!?~! you dont see a thing..

and neither do i saw any from the picture.. in fact i dont feel the discomfort lah.. i can hardly remember i had the stripes on if not for the awkward accent when i say words starting with the letter "f"

-effing good
-"f"ind my teeth..

and we are done!!! here's a picture of my teeth taken on the first day of whitening .. sorry no picture of the before.. u can find them on the rest of the entries anyway hahaha..

i continue drinking water and talking on the phone with no problem.... really, there is nothing to fear since the gel sticks on the teeth so neatly... if you are as excited as i am, you can grab a mirror and observe how the liquid works against the teeth.. for someone with sensitive teeth like mine  ( i had a root canal and tooth filling)... there wasnt much pain so i assure you its gonna be just fine..
impressed with the whitening after half an hour.. see my teeth!!!
day 2 of my whitening procudure.. no pain whatsoever still....
awkwardbean Kristal with a stupid smile/...

haha.. by the way we only have to place the stripe on for ONE HOUR... afterwhich rinse your mouth and witness the magic.. the white stays on... !!

i try scrapping my teeth (i know i am disgusting, but i am not going to pay so much just to have a layer of liquid paper pasted onto my teeth)  and nuttin prove to be the essence that was leftover..

my teeth are REALLY whiten.. believe it or not..

oh. .and one more thing.... when i say its expensive.. i am referring to about less than $70 for 7 stripes (upper+lower) to be use every 6months..

thats like 7days of whitening to last u for 6 months.. den spend another $70 for another 7 pieces..

i manage to get a fantastic deal this time cos Sylvie is too kind, and her bf is bbbbb's buddy who had problem with remembering price (thus did not fill me in on the exact rate)

its retailing at $1250 Taiwan dollar.. how much is that in Singapore? and PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE share with me if you can get hold of this product in Singapore.. .


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alex dejesus said...

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