Monday, February 08, 2010

Just one cann of each, n that was thanks to the courtesy of the sweet ladies at work!!~

This new year is a little better after all =)
And i order 2 huge-ass size pineapple tart for bbbbbbbb's family and my family. Hope i can receive them today..... hmm.. all that is short of now is some more luxurious food for each family and i am pretty much settled.

On the other hand, clothes searching for CNY 2010 din went as smooth as before. I had handpick 3 sets of outfit that adds up to a couple of hundred and after alteration-- i din like any single one of them.

It was a very worrying issue as i do not like to wear stuff i dont tink i can carry off. They were pretty clothes, fully brand new, all fully alter to my size, and i could even bring myself to try them on, instead, the cheap $10 sundress i bought while walking past bugis street makes me so happy i am planning to wear them on Chu Yi......

i guess i can make good decision on expensive clothes, yet can easily settled on cheapo clothes..... which sucks.... there goes the moolah- Gone with the wind and against my delight.
Outing over the weekend with SiAhPau was great, thought bbbbbbbbbbb was a little upset over the drinking part. Overall i enjoyed myself and look forward to more short session with SiAhPau, along with camera, pretty clothes and more ideeas for ICBS

We are engaging a very very pretty young lady for future collection, its gonna be a blast so i will update soon on the upcoming events=)


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