Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just settled in on bro....... bed is big, room is empty..... gotta be determine and get the exam revision started big time now.

Even bbbbbbbbbb is too busy for me now, he has the exam coming up too..... i know the initial part of settling down is hard, but Kristal, you gotta make it a quick one.

Room is empty but bro's hse is pretty!~ Will blog abt it when i reward myself with small break.

Checked out a video on ace-ing your exam last night, point number 8 says a normal human concentration span is less than an hr, ideally only 45 min.

So i am using this strategy right now, concentrating for 45 min at one go and rewarding myself with a 15 min break=)

Dinner is a hassle so i have decide to miss it as much as possible. i am aiming to weigh less than 50kg at 7pm by the time i return home( cos i weigh 50kg in the morning now, but is 2 kg heavier in the night -.-")

sigh........ independant, independant, independant


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