Thursday, February 04, 2010

i have so much ideas on my mind now, new range for BlackHairpins post-new-year sales. Phyl and i are taking turns to oversee the business now, sales has been booming and we are really hoping for it to rise further on our next collection.

BHP asides, i am going to start on my revision in full force now that i am feeling that tiny bit of urgency, knowing its gonna rise as times goes by, i shal strategies by studying those topics i have no confident of. This year papers' strategies is going to be different, after analysing the marking system more carefully i have taken a mental note to concentrate on subjects i would have confideent of and to spend more time on them, in any case, by the end of the course, only 4 strong topics will be chosen to grade us. I got to study smart this time.

We manufactured Curry Chicken Powder today, the sort you will all eat in your instant. I am guessing the client this time is some instant noodle sort, i was given the opportunity to walk into the production factory earlier, this was rare cos we will usually have to be in full gear with googles. Despite watching them through the glass, i was overwhelmed with the smell of the curry powder. haha... Yesterday was the worst, i hate the smell of tuna... awful awful awful

I am missing Mario's Korea Food badly today, gotta gather my besties to eat there soon enuff, nuttin else this week is worth the memories, i shall concentrate on looking forward to the shopping trip with Jann this friday.

Will update later with pic........ i hope@!!!~


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