Monday, February 15, 2010

Gonna Start with the last thing we did on the pre-invite birthday meetup with the ladies on 29 Jan 2010, this was our last destination before we call it a day.

Denise darl' drove us all the Holland V, my virgin trip there, Sharon besties Virgin trip there, Denise and Jean are regulars.

i picked this place call Mykril cos there is soooooooooo much rave about it on HGW ( i HAVE to try.

i get the feeling as long as its white, Chiffon or Satin, Sharon darling came into mind =)

Lady Blossom in her not-so short sundress, all of us love it on her...... except for the ballon bottom, which we alll hate

Here's Sharon besties on the left, Denise darl in the middle and JeanJean helping me out with my load, i had collected the loots ( super heavy stuff) from Lina so i can post them tgr to bbbbbbbb n Fendi-

i did this paparazzi shot thingy with Denise, this is an official proof of Denise Darl being the "gentlemen" of the night, driving us to different locations to make sure the the fun wouldn't end so young!

Another shot of here walking, already irritated and warning me not to take anymore pictures

Dun look like i am heeding her advice, here's Denise Darl and Integra, red car, lady driver, reminds me a old time movie i cant the name

Denise Darl getting onto the car, we werent allow to go in until she cleared her mess, haha....
Dont ever assume a lady driver is neccessary a tidy driver, it was hell messy inside, flowers, her teddy-monkey, random magazine..........etc

Denise Darl clearing the mess again..... while we waited outside.

Random note: tell me who DOESNT notice her bicep... some guys ought to be ashame.. haha

Arriving at our destination with my first pic of the night.. Wearing a Blue Chiffon pull over a black bodycon....

Denise Darl and Sharon besties, my best friends since 03/03/2003

Denise is definitely one friend i know who doesnt stop working, i have to emphasize it was nearly 11pm and she was still on the line with her boss....
Which also explain why she deserve her 4-digit ang pow for CNY this year.....

Sharon besties and her Mocha Ice Cream, which i absolutely love!!~ I must have been exclaiming it alot lately cos whenever someone mention ice-cream, i immediately associate them with Mocha. Thanks to Besties who order this to satisfied my mocha-red bean Craving

Denise Darl, i dun like this pic tooo.... but ur arm...... speechless, this is for alll to see

I know i need to at least say something about the food at mykril, but since our dear Denise darl is crown our food-critic blogger, you can read more here (When she FINALLY blog about it, that is)

I am still backdated by the massage with SiAhPau, also a virgin experience, haven had a chance showoff those pretty present from them all, dun expect to read much about bbbbbbbbbbb over birthday cos his present is the BB phone as promised.

Still, you are being loved...... by me *wink*


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