Friday, February 12, 2010

one day past our monthsary, and i am bloggin only right now.

I haven had the decency to even get the picture uploaded, totally loathe myself for that.

Its CNY in one day time and i am slacking big time at work, counting down the minutes till i am free to go...

I will be spending the my evening at bbbbbbbbb's hse, except without him. Its the reunion dinner time of the year and like the previous year, i would visit his parent and spend time with them before the whole load of them leave for Malacca, which is bbbbbbbb standard practice since most of his relative comes from them, so did his father, brother and sister.

bbbbbbbbb is a Singaporean and was born here, i couldnt figure how it all works, but we were suppose to visit Malacca and his relative tgr, now that bbbbbbbbb is not in Singapore, this plan shall be put away till 2011.

This CNY is gonna be different cos none of us are in the mood, bbbbbbbbbb and i are still dating through the skype, and he cannot be my stylist for this new year selection. I remember last year we had load of fun matching clothes for him and myself, cos bbbbbbbb love shopping as much as i do.

No Valentine' s day celebration either........ hate it that we are so far away, and though i console myself everyday it wont be long till we meet again.... i still miss him big time!

i hope this CNY is filled with friends and cousin meetups, now that i am a grown up and receving ang pow is no longer a "suppose to be" but a "you mean you still need one" issue, i kinda dread the whole smiling and queuing for ang pow custom.

Got myself 2 pairs of heels yesterday, i am 70% done replacing my entire collection of shoes to heels, in no time i would have no excuse to wear flats anymore, cos i simply wont owe any. bbbbbbbbbb was very happy that i bought something while out yesterday, the difference abt him and any other guys is that he is always pushing me to buy things for myself. Probably cos he could feel the resistance i had mentally when i set my eye on something. I wanna stick to my resolution - 2010 is a year i start acting my age, when bbbbbb return, he will be dating a 23 yr old lady-like, Kristal!

i wonder if you all felt i am quite a obsessed girl. I can live in my own world and constantly fall in love again and again with bbbbbbbbbb.. liking every single details about him, his hair, his smell.... I know that, to some guys, such acts is also known as "possessive" so i am really really glad bbbbb is one who appreciate and see the true meaning behind this. Of course, i sure hope my "hardwork" is not in vain and someday i will look back and realise this experience was something i never had regrets about, whether or not bbbbbbbbbb and i are still together by then .


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