Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Thanks to modern technology, a very good SLR-camera, a techno-savy boyfriend who bothers to blog, i was able to feel the joy of bbbbbbbbb receiving the parcel sent by yours truly.

Here you see the first part of the surprise sent thousand of miles over to bbbbbbbbbb, the second part of the parcel is by no mean a surprise since they were stuff demanded by my 'demanding" boyfriend. It is a Singpost size 3 box and they contain some stuff that Lina wanted to give to Effendi tooo.

Here's bbbbbbbbbb gleeming with satifaction to find the box filled to the rim.... haha.. he is in for a good treat=)

I would like to emphasize times and again how painstakingly (and burning hot) this thing here took me to make.
can you believe you can only make the sweet when its HOT!? heat-protective glove were recommended but just how many of us can find those frill-less glove that doesnt leaves disgusting wool-frill on sticky sweet when used? I decided against it and force all those involved in the making process to use strictly bare hand, fully coated with margarine. there are some ugly picture i saved but it can never reflect the effort we put into justice.

To end off the sweets, i had to grind some granula sugar (because i forget to buy the fine-grind kind) and coat each cut-sweet with sugar so it wont stick. It was a hurtful process and i almost swear that was the last time i will do it ever again. (that includes my cousin and sister who eventually give up trying to help out -- bruise and burnts later)

This card had another story to tell... i was shopping alone ( i have recently gotten use to doing things alone and enjoying the peace and serenity of thinking with my own brain) and came across a card rack, many options, many dilemma later, i settled this card (unaware it was going to burnt a hole in my pocket) cos there were some pre-written stuff inside the card that makes me giggle to myself.

Its OUR secret card now.

Here's another piece of gift i prepare for bbbbbbbbb, a checkered shirt specially manufatured by Fabrick, AKA the brand of clothing line i am working at. I really like the design and was sure it looks good on him, hence the choice. His size wise, i shud know better, i hug my bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!~

The last part of the parcel was a AX card holder chosen by Kristi and me, i had image of bbbbb placing his car-key in the middle compartment and his ez-link by the side. Its like a "mobile" wallet cos everything inside provides him with option to move from one place to another.

I dare say the gifts wasnt very special but i got them planned in details and was very sure of my decision before purchasing them. This year's Valentine;s day was nothing special cos we aint physically by each other, but i sure do hope he felt my love.

The first Valentine day we had in 2009, i receive one stalk of rose, the second Valentine in 2010, i received none... hahah..... i guess flowers and Kristal doesnt always adds up to Valentine.....


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