Monday, February 22, 2010

Second Night at Bro's Place, thanks to SiAhPau the worst part of the day din turn out toooo bad... Appreciate it, girlfriend!

I had decided to load pic of myself now and then mainly cos i wanna show bbbbbbbbbbbb the nicer side of me. You should all understand how hard it is maintaining the make up till night time just to skype him, so every so often when we skype on the internet, i am already in my bare-all face as per above.

Here's some most updated pictures (meaning this morning) of me for my special boyfriend

Taken in the ladies, cant find another mirror that works better than this -.<

Wahaha.. if you look extremely carefully you can probably tell this was taken while i was peeing...........

Did something stupid today, something i wouldn't advise all Girlfriends to do, i dug up bbbbbbbbbbbb's blog and read it dated back in 2006. And thou many things inside are no longer valid, i was both touched and affected by his affection for his Ex-girlfriend.

While this shows he is a man who honoured his words, it does pinch me a little knowing once before he and i got together, he was THAT affected by the presence of another girl. I wish her well now, and decided not to add in words of jealousy that revolves around how he is the most perfect man and she missed it. I shall count my blessings and thank her for giving me this opportunity, and for allowing me to witness how faithful bbbbbbb can be.....

i am a sadist, its 12.38pm at night and here i am blogging about his past..... silly silly sily


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