Monday, March 08, 2010

Infidelity: the contrary; WendyJack Saga

This is probably a news not new to many, and i am writting on it to voice 5-cents worth opinion.

As a matter of fact, i felt a little sorry for that girl. It could be a rush of blood, or rather, the bad weather working its heat on her, the momentarily mistake is now a pretty deep scar on a young lady, who could well be another uprising model.

I have heard plenty ever since this matter came into light, her looks are criticise, creative names are invented for her, how her braces and eyebrow looks really mismatch, but seriously?of all the other prettier picture, TNP has chosen some of the very very regrettful one to be posted on line.

Not that i can understand how she has gotten herself into this mess, and for the affair to last for 3 years, she must have be barely 19 then. I cant say much for a 19 year old girl to be thinking straight for i had my fair share of mistake too..

When i put her age against that of our famous director, it just seems wrong.

It is comparable to dad and i, and no i cannot imagine dating a man like Dad, though i admire him as a person. What happen as reported by news was Jack actually took initiative to lure this young girls, and i must agree they are gullible to fall for his "luring" too.

But.......... in contrast to the very famous Tiger Woods whose scandal was badly mishandle, i believe our people here in Singapore are taking the matter more calmly, which i reckon - give it about 4 months- this matter is history.

Who will still remember our past-scandals

- Tammy NYP

- young boy pimping himself

- Annabelle Chong

- Teacher have sex with primary school kid

- Gary Ng the Mojo Master

- Molested Tranny at Sentosa Countdown

all this happen at different interval, with a couple of exceptionally fresh scandals, but just how many of us put this matter behind while in search of newer ones?

Man i pity this girl...... but its a mistake to learn, so i am calling out to Wendy Chong

It'll be over sooner than you think....

i belive mistakes are meant to be learnt

and for those of you (iuncluding bbbbbbbbbbbbb who is currently residing in uk, this is the latest scandal as of March 2010......... to find more info. click here ----> HERE

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