Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BlueHoneyJoanne wrote something on her blog.. and i REALLY need to review it line by line..

Dear Besties and for those who bothers to read my blog, HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR PARTNER IS SERIOUS ABOUT YOU?

Let's do a test on my relationship, with extracts from BlueHoneyJoanne

  • 愿意为你掏钱。钱,在感情生活中不是最重要的,但是是必须的。一个男人如果是真的爱你的话,就不会为你去计算钱,只要你需要的合理,有能力支付,就一定不会不答应。因为在他心里,连你都是他的了,为什么还不能给你花钱?

-i can TOTALLY relate with this. bbbbbbbb is REALLY someone who is never too stingy with $, he never was since the day we started hanging out as friend. Not that he is super well off or anything, but he is always encouraging me to go shopping and to reward myself whenever neccessary. On top of that, he was always generous with his friends and mine too.... There was never a need to be calculative around him.

Not sure if i can tell his story here, but bbbbbbb use to have a good buddy who was always generous about sharing, he always encourage bbbbbbb to share cos ultimately $ is the last thing we can bring into our grave with.

Not too long after, bbbbbbb's buddy passed on, but bbbbb carry on his buddy's belief of sharing, and i dare say he has done a pretty great job

  • 二、愿意听你诉苦女人常常会有很多的不开心事情,在男人看来很多只是很小的事情,甚至不值得去在乎。一个爱你的男人,会希望了解到你在想什么,会愿意听你的诉苦,听完你很多的话后,再发表下评论,安慰下你。

- bbbbbb has some problem trying to really listen to me and hear me rant, it was ok at the start of the relationship, but lately this wasnt really the best he has given.

Probably cos he reckon i shoudnt be shouting into the phone whenever i am upset over somebody else... but... to me.. as someone whose temper is shorter than a ruler, i usually just accumlate all the "suffer" and rant it out, after which its over, once and for all. We haven really work out a solution to this yet, but bbbbbbbb has since agree to accept hearing me rant. I believe we'll solve it one day- together

  • 三、愿意为你让自己受苦年轻的男人,大多数是爱拼搏的,自己苦一点,累一点,没有关系,经济条件有限的人,会自己减少开支,来付出在感情上,有能力的人,则会在做每一件事的时候,都在考虑关于你的未来。自己吃饭的时候,会在想你有没有吃,自己在娱乐的时候,总会想到要是能把你带去就好了,自己在开心的时候,总会想到你这时候会是怎样的心情,总之不管自己处于什么状态,都会想到你。

- I am guilty of these, bbbbb has been sacrificing, he is living all the way at UK, yet he scrimp and save every penny so that when i did fly over, we'll have enough for us both, sad to admit thou he was the most generous guy i've met around, he wasnt doing the same to himself.

BUT i will assure our lives in future will be better off, him with a Degree and so do i, our combine income alone will allow us to live in comfort, to compensate every single bit of hardship we've been going through.

and bbbbbbb sacrifice quite a bit in the sense that he had always encourage me to hang out with my pals while he run down to the nearest library so as not to digress in his studies.... to me its a huge sacrification to an otherwise-quality-time-spend-with-each-other relationship.

  • 四、愿意为你收场两个人在一起吃饭,常常女生最后都会说吃不下了,爱你的男人,会情愿帮你的吃完剩下的。现在这个年龄的男人,大多数在家里是被当着宝贝养大的,一直都是家人付出,自己享受,如果真的很爱一个人,他会放下自己,去为了爱的人。

- haha... he does put on a couple of kilos ever since we hang out, but bbbbbbbb is a health freak, so together, we wont add on hell lotsa pounds.

  • 五、在关键时候,总会护住你两个人一起逛街的时候,爱你的男人会走在靠马路的一边,而你则在靠马路里面的一边,这样你会很安全。登山的时候,爱你的男人总会在你后面,可以保护着你向上爬。下雨的时候,总会把伞向你那边多倾斜一点,即使自己淋湿了,也不想让你受到一点点的雨淋。刮大风的时候,会紧紧抱住你,不让你被风吹到……不管在什么情况下,都愿意尽量减少给你带去的伤害。一个好男人,是需要一个好女人好好把握的,也许你现在身边的男人并不完美,并不是你一直所憧憬的那样的王子般的男人,但是他只要是真心对你好的,你就应该去珍惜,一个女人对男人最大的珍惜,就是好好的去爱他,心里只有他一个,愿意和他一起去承受生活中要面对的。

- from bringing me out to lunch when i was covered in bumps, till sending me to the clinic when i was infected with a dizzy-spell while consuming paracetomol- which i later realise i was sensitive to..... bbbbbbbb has proven times and times again, how he was willing to take care of me (especially during the times when i was infected with those bumps, i cant sit in a bus, cant stay in the sun, and is highly contagious.

Try to blog a list of the niceest thing your guy have ever done, immediately u will feel the need to love him all over again... it took me less than 10 mins into the fight to re-think about our relationship, and to want to cherish him all over again. Does your guy loves you this much too?


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