Monday, March 29, 2010

i am as baked as
  • smoke salmon
  • grilled lobster

and as though that is not bad enough, i also made a super big blooper that causes me to wake up at 6am tomorrow just so to reach jurong east Station by 7.20am.... (so where's the blooper you probably wonder?......... its the freaking time!!! i was SUPPOSE to reach jurong east at about 8.30 on a daily basis... and now this)

*clasp both hands and kept it near my heart* Oh God, please let Kristal wake up sooner... Let her absorb all the facts on Managerial Economics, Human Relationship Management, Management Science Methods and Account..... and please please please! Please make sure she keeps her hands off online shopping...

This obsession is sick....i browse and browse through them, many times not buying anything, and when i DO buy something, i regret buying them 10mins after making payment.

What exactly is wrong with me? ARGH!!!! counting down 11 weeks to meet bbbbbbbbbbbb in London, and 6 freaking weeks to examinations, and i am still like this... Baked (i meant tann.... EXTREMELY TANNED), in-a-constant-daze (i actually master sleeping while standing up, how's that?), and have absolutely zero sense of urgency.

okok.. enuff rants! Besides all these stuff that is choking me awake-not! i have a handful of activities piling up on the calendar, these are stuff i probably really need to rewind myself a little.

  • wanna get that vest from Cottons on for me and Denise Darlin, no regret on that one! i consider it 5 times before i am fixed
  • Batam Trip with the colleagues .... embarressing enuff, but we are a combination of f4, chipmunks and powerpuff girls... Cant put it to words how it all came about.. Well.. we are going to batam for some real metallic shopping... and i'm almost hrs away from getting a hundred dollars which bbbbbb have agreed will be my fund for this trip.
  • Family dinner!!! The last session was bro&my birthday, which i hadnt blog about cos i din bring my camera out hence no picture. Bro is giving us a treat before he flies off to Taiwan with SIL.. not too sure where we're eating... but we ARE eating TGR... so the anticipation
  • Kite Flying with Sharon Besties- got to cancel the initial plan to do it this Good Friday due to the family dinner... sorry babe. but i REALLY wanna do a kite flying outing soon!
  • Tennis with Cuz. omg la.. the last time i look forward to a tennis with Cuz was back in my JC dayys... which was eons ago!! we are finally getting those fat thigns back on the court... cant wait!

Apart from all these happening, i've to constantly remind myself to absorb more and more facts about the upcoming examinations. Am trying out a new studying strategy thus am not too sure if it will work. Just want it all to end soon so i can join bbbbbbbbbb over in London...

*time pass*time pass*time pass*

i can very well chant that a million times, and time only pass that little!!!

=( Please remind me to post a pic of myself in Pink Lace Print top! i love it to bits and am glad i manage to keep a piece of myself, stocks are running fast, so girls - HURRY!


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