Tuesday, March 09, 2010

BlackHairpins' next collection are almost up and here's a piece of my favourite.
The cloth at the bottom is chiffon while the top is spandex.. i am really really loving it!

Fold the bottom to make it a flattery top

bbbbbbbbbbb love this picture!

Had work lately! pretty motivated to just keep working, cos i'll be off to meet bbbbbbbbbb pretty soon and shopping is vital there..... so work = $$$$$$$$$

Other than that, been busy doing my sidelines as well, bucking up on BlackHairpins - Phyllis and i are totally going all out to picking the correct collection. We are attempting to meet up to 4 times a month now just so as to select best designw everywhere we go. Do note that our collection are never from the same place...
We do serious sourcing the whole of Singapore and quite frankly the piece we grab are usually no more than 3 piece... sure hope the hard work pays off.

Been busy with soooo much work that the photoshoot had to be done by Phyllis alone... she is off the next couple of weeks for her close friends' wedding so we are splitting up our roles thoroughly this month...

I am hoping next month collection will be better collaborated... really matters sometimes when bigger customer wnana see how the piece looks like on a larger girl and i will be there to provide them with the picture.

BHP asides, i am mugging harder.. other than those distracting moment when i really had to switch my brain off books, i gues the sense of urgency is picking up well =)

OH! AND I CANT WAIT TO DO THE STAYOVER AT CUZ'S ON THE 19th.. Another silly night with SiAhPau and Cuz,,,,,,,,,, OMG OMG OMG


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