Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i AM SO GROUCHY!!!!!!!

Why do woman go through such torment on a monthly basis.....
I use to joke around alot commenting on how i should just get myself pregnant in order to avoid feeling this bad for 3 hrs every month.... But now that the manager is pregnant and i get to work with her daily, i dare say, the 10 months of pregnancy is definitely worst than what i am expereincing... so here i am... ranting it on blog.... ARgHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......

So i was lazing while working earlier and decided to check on some informative measure we can perform to prevent future mensus cramp, and here's some interesting (and quite practical ) solution we can follow: -

  • reducing Salt and Sugar intake the week prior to one's period can encourage less severe pain

  • Eat food rich in calcium like milk product or leafy green vege to lessen pain

  • reduce caffaine intake so breast feels less "swollen"

  • Apply heat to aching areas

  • Stretch! Walk! Yoga!

  • Strawberry tea!! Ginger tea!!

i QUITE like the last point about strawberry tea, am gonna skip explanation to why these helps, cos if they do, they do- no explanation needed!

On the other hand, here are some things KRISTAL (me!) do to relief cramps:-

  • Chocolate- with nuts, without nuts, less milk, more bitter. Strawberry coated with Chocolate sauce is a major love!

  • Hot, hot, hot water...... sip by sip.... throughout the 3-hr-cramp ordeal.. it does put ur mind off the cramp for a while

  • lots and lots and lots of Bbbbbbbbbbb's encouragement (and yes, i tell bbbbbbbb EVERY single time my period comes.... need his consoling) =(

  • Soup for lunch, soup for dinner, soup for supper, clear and almost tasteless soup

  • my all time favourite "herbal" pad does make mensus cramp so much better, the peppermint coated sanitary pad just sooth you-know-where, and the smell of the herbs is comfort to the mind

  • li>basically........ lots and lots of chocolate to supplement my weak body =(

There you have, my kind of treatment. I dunno why but chocolate are saint in times like this, smoothes the throat, lessen the pain, leaves a very very comforting after taste... and basically work its magic to take the pain off your mind- at least for a while

If you have other "home-therapy" to advice, please leave me a comment. Meanwhile i shall go back to sulking for another couple of hours before the pain finally subside


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