Thursday, March 18, 2010


Good morning sunshine!

M blogging via BB right now n honestly am nt too sure abt the quality of this entry. Nevertheless if BB continues to work this well maybe you will see updates on bloggy on daily basis! Gonna tk pictures of my surrounding and entertain all of you with the things that happen around me, real time, real pic and with real emotions =)

Its thurs n I m looking forward to the stayover at cuz. We're gonna have spaghetti n skype session with our Lboyfriend" thereafter. I m beginning to enjoy the fact that LDR is now finally becoming something fun with cuz 'bf over in aussie.

Bbbbbbb and I r already planning on a aussie trip to vist Rem n cuz bf. it wouldn't b this year, definitely next year and I am excited already!!!

Alright shall update again when I find time to come back. Meanwhile here's a blog that keeps me entertain everyday. The blogger has a great sense of humour n you shall find lotsa good things to read. Cheers!

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