Monday, March 22, 2010

I wonder if you have a strange kind of affection for something like i had for Waffles?

I am thanking God each morning i wake up in the morning to the smell of freshly made waffles top with butterscotch, maple syrup or just plain magarine. Its like a love from within, and honestly Waffles is one thing (next to cornflakes with strawberry milk of course) i can eat 5 days in a row.

If there is one thing i look forward to each time i leave for bro's hse after work, it will have to be this. I am really really glad Prima Deli has make my life feel so comforted by adding "magarine" on to their list of available spread on their waffle. In addition to the choices, i was able to request for a more cripsy version of waffles, with the magarine melting immediately onto the waffles and leaving a layer of smooth yet salty flavor with such tasty aroma, it hard to resist.

I know alot of you probably prefers waffle with other flavour, and congrats to you those flavor was widely avaialable at all confectionary. i only have my pick tastebud to blame for such exotic selection, but ..................... WHY WONT YOU ALL ADD MAGARINE TO THE LIST OF CHOICES? YOU CAN EARN MY BUSINESS IN BIG FOLD LEH!!!!

,............ i eat a slice of waffle coated with magarine that cost me $1.40 every weekday for dinner as soon as i've reach hse, that will be an average of 5 times a week, and in additional i pick every alternate days to eat them for breakfast as well, that would mark an additional 3 times in the morning,ITS GOOD MONEY LA! you'll do the math!

sO here's an applause to Prime (or Prima, cant figured that one out) deli for their delicious magarine waffles, and thumbs up to those who sell such flavours but have yet to be taasted by me.

On a side note, i would like to highligh my bbbbbbbbbbbbb's effort in finding this fact - that Prima Deli serves waffles with magarine. It all happened one fine day i made a random remark abt waffles + magarine, and assuming it was a common food, he went in search - to no avail- of waffles coated with magarine. After much effort - and lotsa of confusion later- he derive that Prima was probably the only place he found that serves this, excluding all other restaurant that typically serves pancakes or waffles.... It was history since.

So for all of you out there that loves waffles like i do... here's some tips on how to taste waffles at its tip-top conditions:-

  • Request for crispier waffle... there is a good reason for it
  • As soon as it the lady spread the waffle with magarine it will turn soft, and really really juicy
  • allow the magarine to sink in for while, but still eat it almost immediately when the crisp is there
  • begin by sucking - and not biting immediately- the waffles from its edge
  • obviously eat it by the edge first
  • match it with a NON-milk beverage

i threw in the last point due to a fatal mistake just an hr ago, i;ve decided to match my waffles with Honey milk tea from sweetalk (which was my all time favourite when i am not with bbbbbbbb) and i swear i wanted to threw both away when i ate it tgr. Not sure if its cos of the combination of flour, milk, and magarine... it just................. well................ sucks.

i will continue to hold more evaluation and find the best match of beverage alongside waffles with magarine. Here are some choices i've come up by far:-

  1. Green Apple Green Tea (Denise Darling's favourite)
  2. Blueberry Red Tea, Blueberry Green tea (probably Sharon's besties favourite)Peppermint Green tea ------- nah,,, erase that,,,, it would suck worst
  3. Honey Green Tea (my initial favourite, till i discover it with milk tea)

Unfortunately, SiAhPau and me are both huge fan of Honey Milk tea thus i cannot use her as a gauge, bbbbbbbb prefers strawberry milk tea which contain milk, bbbbbbbbbbbb's mummy likes blueberry crush which i reckon wont match as well...and i have ran out of ideas.

IF you are as boring as i am and are testing on a best combination of waffles and drink... please please spare me some ideas too... Till then.. xoxo... Kris


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