Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ok here are some official picture out for BlackHairpins Photo.
The overal picture turns out well so Phyl & i are super excited for the launch of this collection now.

I remember we made our way to town early that morning, stopping by a coffee house for some breakfast. MY fever hasnt quite subside but the meal tasted equally well..

We got lost at first but ended up at the right place eventually, thank God.

All i can say is the whole photoshoot was suppose to be a rush, but towards the end all of us shake off the urgency a little and started playing with the camera. Benny, who is also Phyl's bf, was a good photographer. He could calligraph our pose pretty well and there was always ample encouragement after each shoot, which helps alot =)
So its lucky you! Phyl...

Anyway i look closer at my pictures and couldnt take my eyes off the big patch of bald on my forehead. Consulted Phyl on this and we both decided to have my fringe chop off so the weight wouldnt encourage the balding further. You will all get to see my bangs pretty soon!!!!

We also had a few shots for the header of the blogskin, which i would revamp as soon as i get the time. There is much similarities between our feature, minus the difference in height, and now with my new Bangs, i can easily pose off as Phyl's twin, or Phyl's shorter version =)

Benny suggest both of us not to smile for a few shots,
turns out i am not as hostile looking as i assume i would be.

I love this pic, here's me looking at Phyl with lust! Deep down inside i had bb in mind!!!`

Finaly smiling, i know i am fat, but both Phyl & Benny are encouraging, so here's another reason to lose more weight, so the picture on BHP will turns out well.... Thanks to all those motivation, (Amanda inclusive=), thank you)
For all you people who wants a glimpse of whats coming up in BHP, do checkout some preview pic below, and feel free to tag me a comment if interested, cos i do pre-sale too~~! teehee...

xoxo, Kris


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