Wednesday, November 11, 2009

did some self-pamperment when i bought this tint that had long caught my attention back when Benefit arrived in Singapore.

i had contemplate about getting it for a while now, it wasnt cheap at first consideration, almost S$40 for a mere tiny (nail polish) size bottle. However, this time it was different, i caught the same stuff at a travel size (about one lip gloss size) selling at 30% of the original price so i seize the opportunity to get it almost immediately.

"So whats the deal you ask me?" (Crap.. its the price la.. @#$@#$) but let me intro this "magic potion" to the ladies out there, this is one good thing you ought to consider if you are as lazy as me is that this is both a gloss as well as a blush. It is also recommended for those with sensitive skin, and the colour is rich yet natural on bare skin (i meant those without foundation base like me cos i am too lazy for it) In addition when u feel the sudden need to have a cheery lips u can simply apply the same tint on ur lip. The bottle is made to resemble a nail polish, which also meant there is a thin brush cap without a glass bottle.

To apply, simply dab or brush the liquid lightly on ur cheek before using ur fingers to run through your face, slowly massage ur face till you tink the solution has slowly dissolve into the skin, leaving it look blushed and healthy.

i pick this tint cos i am hardly a make up person, especially now that i even put a stop to my eyeliner.. i am giving my skin some time to breathe, but trust me when the bf returns i will tranform into a vain pot, with the inclusion of this new member in my collection, hopefuly those who see me by then has something positive to say. =)

omg omg omg.. cant wait!!~

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