Sunday, November 22, 2009

To be Certain with ur choice.

i know how it feels like to be aimless and feel really doubtful about ur own future cos i've been in that shoe..

I always insist, reaffirming besties that i was never cut-out for a deskbound job, and that i love communication and meeting people... i had the slightest tot that i might end up being a store assistant the rest of my life

But then again, why was i muggin for a degree if it had already been fixed, why was i wanting a a degree to prove my capability? That could be more things in life, in my life, definitely

i had plans to be tied down by 27, to have a stable job by 24, the in between period will be use to strive harder to achieve a promotions by promotion.... i want to grow with a company steadily, married the correct guy, say a vow i could never turn back, buy a dream hse that snowball into a profit earning hse,.. get a economic car.. change a car so often..

i wasnt born for nuttin and neither was other people who are working hard...

no one is born ugly, nor normal looking, all of us dress up to look pretty.. if we dress like a confident young woman, den we will be a pretty young woman... if we look fat, we shed pounds..

Pretty girls are meant to end up with the man they can choose... i believe when u tink u look pretty and when u have options, den u shud choose carefully who u tink u will eventually end up with.. its like when u work so hard to look pretty, u would wan someone to find someone who really appreciate ur effort... if u can successfully work hard to look pretty, den u can successfully maintain a marriage that will become the envy of others..


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