Wednesday, January 02, 2013

simple but perfect ending to 2012.

The closure to 2012 is so magical, i wonder if i got picked out of mistake to be soak with all this blissfulness. 

and here are some random round ups, mostly of the irregular, insignificant event that i came across over the last couple of holidays.. 

Special thanks to Ms Clarinda who got me hook on searching recipe online to cook for my future husband (hahaha.. ).. the number on search i did was Cordon Bleu chicken, after i caught her twitter about cheese.. 
and after several rounds of curious "isnt cordon Bleu the name of an alcohol"  questioning later, i've decided  on an add-ons to my 2013 resolutin being "whipping exotice cuisine over pot luck meetups with friends"
Apparently this is a healthy & hearty finger licking good snack that is also not soooooooo unhealthy (reason being it is [bake] instead of [fried].. and to top off the goodness : - it looks pretty manageable 

So the other dish i googled came after i pop the question to bbbb "what unexpected snack would you expect no one would attempt to make"... and he replied churros.   

Both bbb and i are huge fan of this cinnamon flavor snack that is defiantly tasty when dip in sinfully dark chocolate ice cream. The search took place after much deliberation as i have initially tot there is absolutely no way Churros could have been made without the tool to shape churros or to hang it out to fried to its tender crispiness. 
turns out i was wrong and home made churros are one of the few easy to manage snack as well, i cant wait to surprise him already!

then finally, the next dish came with "impossibility" in mind,. this is the very same hot pot obsession that has been treading around the people close to me for a while now...... the cost of eating this hot pot at the eatery is way toooo hefty to consider. i once invited my family, Bro & sis-in-law, Cuz Ray's family and LilBro's buddies over for dinner at Le New Place and dabao two large portion of this hot pot to steamboat at our place... Thereafter i could tell everyone seems to relate an inkling familiarity to this tasty dish and the craving just doesn't stop. .. 
Since no one has yet attempted to make this a signature during get together, i reckon it would be a sold-dish if i succeeded...  The google search for this dish did not come easy, there wasnt a real name i could relate it to except 奇味鸡煲, which even friends from its origin China could not identify.,... Thankfully the hardwork paid off

So if i do succeed, prepare to hear me brag about opening my food chain.. hurhurhur.. .

Instagram Gossips

Also on the list of random things i did was to count the number of new clothes i have "acquire" over 2012 WITHOUT wearing... 
old habits die hard.... i like buying new clothes, knowing i have them in the closet with the price tag on, then refusing to wear any because they look pretty sitting neatly in the closet then on my fat tummy...... geez... i really need to work this out a little wisely.... 

A search through the pile of new clothes include those i bought and keep so preciously since 2010, i bet bbbbb wouldnt hear of this because i promise him times and times again to put them on each time he saw me smiling to myself walking out of an outlet carrying a paperbag of new purchases... 

FYI - i am a budget shopper that shops with very little bandwidth on my "spendable bank account". i take forever to consider buying a piece of cloth that exceed S$30/-, so in a way this balanced off the really bad habit of tucking my loots away at a pretty corner of the wardrobe.. 

Add-on Resolution for 2013 -- Stop doing advance shopping for 2014

a very very sweet romance charm gifted from bbbb's manager who thinks very highly of our relationship.... haha... *blushing with pride..... 

I have hang out with bbbb's colleagues a couple of times and they are really nice people to chit chat with.....There wasnt much hesitation giving my worthless comment on stuff they spoke about. We had a BBQ at his manager's place once and it was a really really nice apartment that bbbbb and i aspired to own.... his workmates gave him alot of positive feedback/advice on lives and i am glad to say he has taken each and every to his own stride and work to fulfil them..... 
pretty little troll bead bbbb got me for christmas, a very very sweet surprise from him. I heard he went a couple of outlet and finally picked out Troll beads from this place because it was said to be the origin of all troll beads across the world and start its collection way back in the 1950s...... 

The beads are much pricier than the rest i have fancy but bbb explain the significance of the beads on it and i can now relate it close to my heart  :)

The troll beads on the left is a gift from an ex-boss from Takasago who brought it back from his hometown in Aussie, i wear it pretty often and now it has turn a little yellow, but still very very pretty =)
Spent last friday night, saturday, sunday, monday & tuesday with the same guy and we work on bonding our relationship over meals, lazing in bed, catching episodes after episodes of "Ghost adventure" on the ipad, doing grocery shopping in neighbourhood mall, chasing movies on SCV, cooking meal, fighting 

(fist fight, piggy back the loser, scissor-paper-stone to go bath first, squeezing ugly pimple off our face and practice-pinching correct part of our body that wouldnt hurt that badly... )

On days that we were entitled the car, either from his family or mine, we will buy stuff that would otherwise take alot of whining to get done. and along with his buddy Lao Zhang & himself, i got my bedsheet purchased and tried the japanese dinner at tampines - Tonkichi that i have been craving since forever... 

On Monday morning, i woke up much later than bbbb after getting too comfortable to my new bed... By that time he was famished and had gone downstairs to get us both tea (we are new addict to the Teh - Siu Dai of the local coffeeshop under Le New Place, the Teh on its own is too sweet for our liking thou) & You Tiao for brekkie.... by the time i was done slacking in couch & finally doing the housework mopping the floor, cleaning the house & washing the bathroom - lunch was ready!    The most salivating Porridge lunch was specially prepared by the almost perfect boyfriend, it was so tasty that my Mum ate it after she return from work, and LilBro & his LilGF also wipe out every single bit of their share.... 

i must be too lucky to pick a best friend & chef as a boyfriend... Thank you~~~~

At the end of 2012
While others celebrated the end of 2012 over loud music & booze, bbb and i opted to lie low this year by catching a movie "Jack Reacher" at the nearby Causeway point.... when we were done with the movie, Luck seems to be on our side as we realize the clock has yet to strike 12.....   

As we pick our steps to catch the night train, bbbb had this awesome suggestion to hit the train station at the stroke of midnight, this could mean we might catch a glimpse of the fireworks at close distance. We ran through the crowd gathered at the tentage while the song "Titanium - David Guetta" was aired as hundreds of earthlings dances and cheers to the performers and await the countdown.     

At 11.58pm we reach the scan point, bbbb exclaim the train wont arrive till 5 min later, we hurried through the empty escalator to reach the platform and there- we find some other goers all eagerly stationed near the gate that provides perfect view to the fireworks performance....

At 11.59pm, i got eager and stare intently into the phone, praying for it to hit 12.00pm, bbb busied himself by setting his phone to video mode. Everyone else gather near and not too long later the Emcee urge the crowd to begin the count down, and so did us all..... by the count of 2....1.... the sky light up with the most beautiful shades of colourful sparkles, the music went crazily loud, the crowd were cheering in excitement, and strangers were wishing everyone around them " Happy New year"... 

i looked at the man that had accompanied me through so much things in life, thank him for spending yet another memorable moments with me. 

then the train came unexpectedly within 3 min, causing an uproar of hurling from everyone. us inclusive. we hop onto the train and still manage to steal some moments enjoying the fireworks, and feeling extremely excited at our antics.   

That night, we stroll back to my place slowly, and spoke about the things that we should be thankful for, and the people who did not get to witness the start of a brand new year, as their lives are innocently taken away from menace who didnt have the sense to think before they acted. 

We turn our back on "diet plan" and daBao India Rojak for everyone at home, the teh-Siu Dai that night tasted way better than the one in the morning..... Coffee Uncle must be happier by night lah, just finish countdown maybe haha...
Tuesday, after spending the night playing Shoduko on my iphone and Monopoly on his Ipad... we were awoken by my parents to wash up as they eagerly wait to brings us to the noodle i have been missing since we moved out from Yishun in 2008... My parents found the now-demolish store now reshifted to Chong Pang and have been returning back for, the taste is as good as ever... 

Then come afternoon, several episodes of Ghost Adventures later, bbbb and i exchange our phone casing, tidy up my room, ate lunches hasitily cook by me (roti prata wrap with omelette & crab meat).. den it was time for him to head home for dinner.... Our holiday ended and we are embarking on a new year with hopes & prayers that our relationship will take a step advance with :- 
  1. a slightly more stable savings
  2. a solid plan about our future now that Le New Place has stabilised.
  3. promises to manage the relationship more maturely with lesser arguments
  4. more me-time with our own friends 
  5. more time apart to manage the stickiness that we have grown into - and disagree to
Gladly, the year 2012 marks a huge transition of my life with a lot of major changes that shift my lifestyle drastically. This is a year i had many hold backs and sacrifices to make in consideration of better endeavour .  If i had been given the choice to redo it, i would pretty much redo it the same way i did, no regret whatsoever. Comes 2013 and with all the near-possible resolution i have targeted, i am eager to begin the journey of crossing these item off the checklist... 

Also, with the new year, i shall be much more generous in wishing for the best for the people around me. The past years sees me focusing more or less on myself so for this year i hope to exercise the magical feeling of sharing, though i am not too sure how long this commitment will last. The blog will record the things that will take place, and by 2014 i hope to compare 2013 to 2012 and tell you with pride all the better things in life over the past one year.. thank you Chngies ;)


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