Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Clar in SG, Penn in SG, meetup with Gale

Happy Boxing day!

i am feeling extremely thankful for the past days that seems to imply the year 2012 will end with a blast, i am already excited for the brand new year, picturing all the nicest things that is about to take place.

First up - Congratulation  to Angel Clar for her safe returning.Singapore is nowhere near beautify as Germany might be during christmas so thumbs up for the effort to put it all behind to spent quality time with your family. Your siblings must be blessed to have you as a sister and i am relieve u have clear part of the clutter accumulated since the "drawing paper" era (Does the kids these days even know what crayon means? or how to do finger shading? i doubt... *shrug).... it's funny how u talk about items we no longer see kids these days bring. i look forward to spending time with you, over dinner, window shopping, crashing at my place and talking about our crazy wacky plan for the future.

Also, thank you for standing by and giving our friendship a chance, it is through all the test of times that we found genuine friendship in each other. Thank you for taking time during work to reply to my queries on Skype, or laughing at my silly jokes hundred of miles away.  

I never knew how to treasure your presence because there are so many other friends between us, but now i know as long as every moment we get to hang out together is a moment we both focus on each other's well being, then that is the kind of friendship i need to keep.

 Rodman and i sincerely hope you like the charm bracelet we pick out for you. With every memories we share and cherished with the additional years of friendship, i hope the added charms serves as a significant reminder of the things we have went through to make us who we are today. Thank you for being you, and standing by my takings on staying positive, thank you for supporting my mission to stay happy no matter what. You dont know how you have impact my life in a good way, and for that - i thank you =)

Last friday would be an experience i will like to call "once-in-a-lifetime". There are friendship that doesnt seems to exist until every party in concern suddenly makes the effort to take part in it. Only then you are brought back to those days you were as young as the primary school student, and them girls reminisce about the childish thing you use to do, and how you feel embarress for this "person" you hated that was actually you!

Complicated? haha, i met up with the girls i call my best friends when i was 9yrs old. i remember being extremetely proud of being in that clique because they were girls i identify as being cool. There was Penn, the girl from Thailand that was older than us all, but very friendly and always out to making friends.

And there was Gale, the transfer student from the other school over at the eastern part of singapore.

it started out as being really tough trying to gather us all together because Penn had flew in from Bangkok only the same afternoon. She had not mode of telecommunication except with the pact to meet at Watami, Gale & i ended up taking turning to head around the mall to search for her.    Gale finally found her lost strolling around ION. This was an expediture not needed (but funny to experience if you happen to be in that position)

Gale returning with Penn, and at that moment i heave a sign of relief!!!!

Anyway over dinner together i learn about their updates in lives and shared with them mine. We also got pretty drifted talking about fortune telling and horror stories that sent chills down our spines.  I was also enlighten (after 16 years of denial) of what a bitch (teacher's pet i would call) i must have been back in those primary school days, till the extend that it had become a relieve when Penn & Gale was thankful that we all got promoted to secondary school and they could finally got rid of the drama the rest of us girls have created. hahah..

i have to admit i wasnt the most perfect candidate for a healthy friendship back when i was 10., i recall myself being the queen of mean, and all the harsh moment of blurting out hate notes of other girls i barely knew. It was embarress begging them to put the past behind, every recollection of my 'mean-girl" moments makes me cringe in disgust... haha.. aint we all glad we grow up? i am certainly glad i am more "balance" in my thoughts now that i am "mature" - or unless i am not, but we will leave that to Rodman to take care of =))

Above all, i truly enjoyed that dinner together, albeit the short session, it was good seeing them again and i have already make them promise we can see more of this coming up. When we parted i gave them each a gift that i think represent them, i am no longer be that mean girl i once was, so let's all get to know the new us, thanks you  ladies from my primary school.. 

Also, thank you bbb for the trip to batam at a whole new location with chances to explore batam like we have never did. Thank you for working out a budget to make sure we have clock Batam like we did every year. Most notes on our batam trip later. It had certainly made my Christmas worthwhile =)


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Anonymous said...

I love the bracelet that Rodman and you bought! Even brought it back to SG this trip heheheh. Really thankful for our friendship, and hope it will continue to blossom over the years! :D Can't wait for our next meet up! XX