Thursday, December 06, 2012

2013 Resolution.

it takes one train journey and lots of imagination to get the resolution done up, seems like i haven actually get down to really doing what i have plan every year in the past but this time its different - i am certain somehow some point will be achieve - because i no longer have excuse not to execute them.

View my  resolution for the year 2011 here
- and then out of fear for not achieving them all, i skip my resolution for 2012..heehee

But i have a stable relationship, job & roof right now so really, there aint much i should shift my attention away from, and because i have a 360degree change of characteristic (i.e my positivity) over the last 14 months, i am able to narrow my resolution into something i really look forward too and extremely manageable.

I want to get the braces up those croaked teeth
this is probably something that wouldnt take someone too long to decide on - want it get it done.   i was not taken aback by the pain to endure (afterall, its always the fear of pain that really hurts more than the actual pain - i have now learnt =)

You see, back in 2008 i had fiddle the thought of getting a piercing done, i reckon this was much more achievable, reversible than to get a tattoo done. I have seen myself undergo major transformation twice in my life

  • (once from a timid, soft n crybaby --> strong-minded, bold, sportsmen) 
  • and another phase (strong minded, bold, angry, fiesty, negative --> positive, strong minded, bold, happy, sporty)
Having said that, alot of mentality in my life passed as fast as it came, so what's with wanted to ink something permanent on my body only to regret later and undergoing laser (which result in permanent scarring) to get rid of it?  

And with that mindset, i was getting more and more certain about getting the piercing done, it took me 2 tormented day (of constant reminder about the pain n procedure) to finally say to myself "enough was enough! i must get rid of this want/scare feeling!"

So that same day i went up to the tattoo parlor near my workplace and sign a concession form with shaking hands, then close my eyes and fuck everything that happen for that split moment,... the thought in my brain was filling me up more than anything else i was doing, i needed to get it out of my head.. 

Anyway in short, i had a nice eyebrow piercing for a year (until Rodman advise me to take it down - which i did)... the procedure really was nothing more than a ant bite worth of pain, except maybe the bite stays on for at least a couple of days, till a point you are numb to it.. not much of an anxiety unlike that sort i had been imagining) - [myth debunk]

My teeth has been my major concern since secondary school days, more often than not i tend to notice discolor teeth, croaked or false teeth whenever i interact with someone else. I also look into the mirror each time to notice the teeth first.. and practice smiling to my best ability to hide the flaw..

however the slightly inward upper teeth has been bothering me for a while now, and it has been becoming more noticeable with the constant chewing on the same side of the teeth (discover after my latest trip to the dentist).. 

Partly due to the cost braces will set me at, i was struggling to come to terms accepting the permanent placement of the inner teeth, and with each passing day, the feeling gets worst because i hear people say it gets more and more difficult to fix teething problem as you grow older ...

so after a lot of dilly-dally, constant reassurance from Rodman, i finally set it into my resolution for next year, and it shall take place in the month June 2013 (this is in accordance to my salary and the huge debt i am paying off)

i want to get those driving license done
This is one part of a secret mission i have been delaying for a min too long... i cant divulge about my progress for this except to admit i have been putting everyhting on hold for at least 5 months now..

i want more money than i am earning
unrealistic, superficial aim - NOT. i have been thinking (all through my free time, lunch time, sleeping time) about ways to earn money without illegally breaking any rule (company policy, government law.. etc)... and while the process is long and tiring and i've been through so many ups and downs trying to test it out... this time it might just work.... with the support of Rodman again - my guardian angel =)

and there you have it! three big golden resolution that is far easier to achieve than trying to lose weight (erm... in fact i have been putting on more weight than i ever did in year 2011 when i have plans to drop the scale to a perfect 45kg...  haix.. )

Texted my boyfriend over the train journey about my achievable resolution and apart from the usual support he gives (much loves **) he also told me to prepare for a series of busy years ahead (wink**)... that will include that special moment (not fix) he ask for my hand, the planning for a wedding, and our children.. hurhur..

so much for realistic dreams, we then drifted off to our plans for the year 2016... TWENTY-O-SIXTEEN!!!~ when i turn 30 and he turns 32... then we spoke about how i can still save myself by being [SHORT] at age 30, with my petite built, continuaal sports commitment and dressing - i might just pull off as a hip auntie for all you know...

shrugs.. the thought of it gives me the shrudder... enuff about turning old already.. Lao Niang forever 21.

so here i am blogging away, side tracking a little and making some ridiculous (haha) resolution for my partner Mr Rodman for the next 2013, 2014, 2015.. basically all he has to do is to work, promote, pay raise, pamper.. easy no?



i heart you said...

will be waiting for the good news! hehe

Kristal Dkriss said...

Faye, thanks for being so supportive.. and your user name links me to no-where =(( it took me a while to find out its you