Friday, December 21, 2012

A Carpenter's daughter

i grew up with enjoying watching how Dad repairs most stuff around the house. Mum was in charge of the kids, and the food while Dad repairs, fix, modify & create furnitures that we used. 

Sometimes i remember him reminiscing about the good ol' days carpentry days (i lost count of the jobs i hear him "worked" before, satay celup waiter, percussionist, driver, carpenter, illegal immigrant.. ) where sawing, drilling and painting were duties he enjoyed doing.   Dad isnt someone who relies on others to get things done, he might ask around to learn a thing or two but his curiuosity will get the better of him and before you know it he'll be doing it himself, and gleeing with pride of his achievement. 
my Dad when he was a fine young man
my dad now, some friends he looks alot like my boyfriend Rodman .. haha

Once upon a time, Dad also set up his own business "MicRider" selling bicycles & sewing machines. As he set up about spending a day at his shop, he would source for planks of wood and spent his free time making furnitures... 

At our young age of perhaps 12, our playtime includes sneakily picking up his hammer and leftover wood to make our own "box".. (i made a box, and a box only since i could only manage hammering and never sawing)... i vividly remember how my older bro took on Dad's gene very well, one day into buying a new alarm clock back in the 1990's, our parents woke up to find the alarm clock looking weird (but in one piece), turns out my brother had disassemble the entire clock out of curiosity and then assemble them back in one piece (or at least look like one piece) overnight. 

I guess it is not hard to admit i am a "hands-on" person when it comes building, fixing and handling electrical goods, or furnitures. I also admit to bbb that a carpenter guy will be the ideal sort of partner i see myself with , the kind that has the good quality of the guys back home =)

In additional , i am worthy of the title "a carpenter daughter" because lately i have been fixing up new shelves all by myself =)

Except you dont see me dressing up like a wannabe

i had the whole of last saturday to myself after called to cancel their delivery at the very last min, (which causes my dismay and alot of ranting about how they are infamous on the web for last min, and i am experiencing the same)... Anyhoot... i plead Mum to drive me round the neighbourhood to grab some shelves that Gary recommend were good, so that same afternoon i came home with 4 boxes of them, and set out to get started "building"
Dad's huge array of tool box all lined up in the living room because we are using them too often fixing things around the new place till we settle down.. 
the heavy shelves (i wanted heavy ones to withstand the stuff i intend to place) all packed tightly in long flat  cardbox boxes. 
assemble both panel together and held them tight using one hand whilst trying to screw them tight using the other.. this is such a chore since the planks are heavy and my palms is too small to hold them tightly. 
as with the rest, place the partition in the middle of the frame before securing each of them with screw & screwdriver... (driving me insane with the weight)
gave up harping on the flinestone-aged-obnoxious-pain-in-the-ass screw driver and move on to using electrical screw, take that!
Woah, pick that up at fifty times the speed,i am done with my first shelf in about 15 mins (plus the struggle to carry them over to the room to align them,  each shelf probably weighing slightly more than 10kg)
proud finisher of a shelf made by yours-truly... i moved on to finish the other 3 and now the shelves are up in my room (no pic as of yet, i am planning to leave it till the room tour before i reveal them =)

and there you have, true hard evident of my project =) i'll be back with a lot more, getting hooked with carpenting again =)


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