Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Alvin & Yuki, ZR

Greetings!!~  have your days been feeling lighter now that we are nearing year end? i can almost feel myself floating.. if not for the fats accumulated from 2 weeks of not running (i know..i am almost Running-roxic, if there was even such a word)

Well, alot has happened over the last couple of weeks, mostly good events. There is the wedding of Jason&Tiffany that i;ve attended yesterday that is worth a blog post entirely on its own, the sweet couple that has withstand TWELVE years of courtship have finally tied the knot in a romantic, one-of-its-kind fairytale like wedding.... i especially love the gown on Tiffany, cant wait to post them up here =)

Then there is the house party that i've been planning for about a month, i finally got it executed successfully with the help of my very caring & understanding parents, they woke up way earlier than me on the actual day to head out marketing.. i am just really thankful they saw the light i see, and am glad to say we are finally on the same track of thinking... (Sidenote** whatever Dad has spoken to me about lighting up the pressure i have been placing on myself, i will have to take a deeper analysis into his stand to actually agree with him, but as of now i am glad that he has also switch path to taking my stand for once.. )

And apart from the happenings that i manage to witness for myself, i also KPO (oops*) someone else's affair, and you cant blame me for that since it was widely publicize on the net, and readily available for me to check them out at a click away.

If you dont already know, this is a saga about "broken love story" between 2 individual and a third party. i started reading through Yuki's entry with a rational position of a stranger, but not too long into the story i felt myself sinking into her misery as she type on every word.   Thankfully, there is the education we had back then to understand the entry entirely written in Chinese post(i must emphasize reading the chinese version of her feelings makes so much more sense than the english-translated version ). One could literally feel the running heat of every drop of tear she must have shed with every typed word.

Yuki's encounter tells a story of a brave girl who admits to her weakness after falling in too deep into a relationship that has started out as a magically journey anyone would be jealous of.      Alvin was portray to be the best husband-material guy at the beginning, and their relationship was one that everyone - including Yuki's ex-boyfriend- would send their blessing to knowing just how much Yuki will be pampered by Alvin for life.

Also moving forward into how A decides to settle down the rest of his life with Y, after consideration of the beautiful journey they spent dating, and with the blessings of both their parents. The proposal looks romantic, unforgettable, well -thought and planned. The execution was successful and with that note, Y begin to feel the realness/blissfulness of being married to the same guy she foresee herself walking down the aisle with..

However, their bless story was short lived. As they continue to plan and prepare for the biggest event of their lives, Y started spotting many strange behaviours of A, she also faces many obvious clues left behind by ZR to "mark" her existence... and with every details revelling, Y finally spiral out of control and decided to end her life. If it wasnt for the love of the same guy that had causes her misery, she wouldnt be around anymore, but this was not the happy ending one would have hope for them both.   As Y faces the toughest question marks in her life, she remain her composure in hope that one day would come when A turns back and realizes her value - that day didnt come...

i am impressed by the courage Y has, her family, having stood by her also took the initiative to confront the people that had hurt Y so badly, but with every confrontations comes more misery. A was persistent there will be no more turning back to Y, he wanted to move on but was jeopardize between bucking up his courage to admit he had moved on & ruining reputation of ZR, whom he saw his now-future with.

i guess if i am stuck in a situation like this, i wouldnt be that courageous to persist on the relationship, because - it is worth THAT MUCH to be with the person you love, but also THAT MUCH MORE to stay happy knowing you are answerable to yourself for the rest of your life. This applies to all 3 parties in this situation, in my opinion the break up could have been done much clearer without leaving any trails of regret if they could have spare a thought for every single victim in the vicious cycle. Having said that, if all 3 could maintain their composure and settle it bravely, they can move on better than they are probably doing now, BUT i am not in that circle, so i cannot confirm this =(

Having only read the thoughts of Y, i feel so much pain as she pen down every date something miserable happen, her determination to save the relationship in turn generated her anger when everyone around her started getting hurt. Till this date, none of the other party has came out to affirm or reject any claims, but with the support of us keyboard warrior (用词不当here), she has picked herself up and moved on, knowing with a conscious mind whatever truth in her eyes has been exposed on FB, and with that note, she will leave it to those who support her to believe, and those who dont support her to rebuke.

So i spoke to bbbb about my thoughts on this incident, he felt injustice for Y too.
I note that A shares similar traits to bbbb - his family-oriented-ness, down-to-earth characteristics and early plans for his future..  It is a waste if man of such fine quality (haha, yes i am indirectly praising my bf) turns into a devil overnight, after sorting out within one month,  the thoughts they have over a quarter of their life.

I seriously do not advise linking examples to your own experience, and i am known to have that "problem" - bbbb didnt make much comment about this linking except to remind me that they are two different person, and if i have faith in him, i wouldnt plan for that to happen.

Friends, it is always good to have faith in yourself and foresee a good future (when you foresee them, The Law of Attraction helps you achieve what you have visualize, if you fear NOT acheiving them, The same Law of Attraction takes away the "NOT" and helps you fear your future).... It does takes two hands to clap when it comes to maintaining a relationship, trust alone does not guarantee a lifelong commitment towards 2 individual. Therefore using the same concept from The Secret, visualize and want (not fear) a happy future with the person you are holding on dearly too.... 

To do this, imagine your smiling spouse. Next, imagine you smiling standing next to him, do this over and over again whenever you remember, then imagine the two of you smiling at an older age, and an older age, till the point you became grandparent. I firmly believe the Universe will do everything it takes to help you attract your thoughts, whatever your thought is =)))))

 Any negative thoughts about a angry expression can be immediately erase if you can just jam the negative thoughts. For me, if i fear something bad would happen, i stop my fear by distracting myself with lyrics of a song... it works like magic, each time i try to imagine a happy workday tomorrow, i will jam up my fear of negativity with "One thousand Years - Christina Perry",...  weird but true #awkward

thou i cannot guarantee what the future would brings, the positivity i have acquired through my flooding of happy thoughts will guarantee i wouldnt look back in regret (except regretting choosing someone/something to be the focus of my happy thoughts) . Therefore, when i weigh  the importance of this exercise, i truly see how helpful it would be to carry this out. Perhaps this is also why you see me smiling more often than i ever did in the past 25 years, i have placed myself in a circle of positivity and staying happy makes me happier  #repetitive.. sorry =P

Take some time to figure the life you live now, it is never too late to realize something has gone wrong and make some amendment, as long as you do not live in regret in time to come, agree?


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She isn't the only one who got it from her bf. my friend too.