Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Love. Peace. Meetup. joy

i am back =)))
beginning this post with a picture of my (mine) boyfriend.. hurhur
we arrange to meet his cousins for dinner couple of weeks ago, and it was set at M Hotel. 

so bbb actually worked on a project for M Hotel months back so he was pretty familiar with the place, we have been talking about dining here for a while but never execute  them because we either couldnt find a reason good enough to treat ourselves to dinner here or our cravings were for other cuisine. 

So thankfully his cousin help us out by arranging to meet here... we were early (no we werent, they were late.. haha)
a bottle of champagne was placed on every table and if you do consume them they will take it away. We ended up opening a bottle of Red Wine as bbb's ex-tutor (extremely close friend of them all now) had her craving.
View from the diner, up on the second floor
a hungry boyfriend walking along the food  spread planning his eating strategy
his cousin arrive!! we had two split steamboat (that makes 4 soup base ) namely Kimchi, Tom yum, chicken ginseng & ??? (i cant remember)

 an array of food, (so hungry now looking at this)
 Pei Huan using her eye power to speed up the boiling process
bbbb grab me some ginseng prawn (ready-cook) to eat while the steamboat heats up

 feasting so hard i skip every other pictures.. jumping straight till the end of dinner
 Them all engross in their conversation while eating.. 

and then it was dessert time!!!~

Man, i LOOOOOOVE the dessert selection over at M Hotel, not only were they good looking, they were tasty too... i am placing my bet on the one and only dessert i have recommend here... this is inevitably the most sought after one that night... just look at the evident.......... -->
 froze durian paste!!!~ omgomgomg, this is goooooooooooooooooooood~!  
 Cute couple - Sheng nam & Xiao Han
 most serious conversation, and a glass of red wine i drank (double the portion on Rodman's behaf =)
More desserts for the sweet tooth.. 

 the man too busy eating, finally sparing us a picture together =)
the amount of durian paste our table covered that night.. scary but yummy.. haha. 

yes, i STILL have appetite for ice cream + fondue, dont doubt

bbbb's cousin + his tutor

then a group pic to sum up the night

The following week

just days back i was feeling really blessed how a couple of my primary school pals and i are still in contact after all these years. Then came a msg on my phone from another old friend who suggested we meet up. 

So Ade & i had been friends since 7 (primary one).. we also ended up in the same shopping mall working for the same boss when i completed my secondary school... It there that i gain a hell loads of working experience (i often blog about working at far east plaza back in 2005..)
 Jean, smiling for the camera before she eats her sushi.. she is my supervisor back in the fareast-days. 

and this!- is Ade, my primary school / ex-colleagues , all grown up. hurhurhur

it was random chit -chat, with throw in of updates on everyone, anyone.. we do that alot back those working days, having to tend the small shop for 10 hours a day and bringing small chats about someone we dont know till we finally know who they are.. 

them ladies updating about their lives, we haven't met for so long.. 

 Then came another ex-colleagues Hui Wen, who had been working over time, haix..  "adulthood" - we talk so much about growing up and the phases we went through

using my arm-length /strength/power to get us ALL in for a group picture

miss you ladies, more meetups and see you all in Feb 2013, this time with inclusion of other FE girls.. heehee

The following, following (haha.. gotcha!) week

It was finally meetup with Happy three friends... 

Happy Three Friends comprises of three girls Jann.Kris.Xue that started out as bandmates and who slowly discover a similar attraction for many things in life. 
 Xue is the quieter one in the group, always tentatively listening while the others spoke, sometimes giving her takes on matters but otherwise extremely supportive and soft-spoken, more recently, Xue has been promoted as the beauty in the clique as she flies around the world and bring back stories of different sea while she serve her flight entourage. 
  Jann is the one with social-stories to update on every meetups, her takes on relationship, futures and current lives changes like her preference for colors. The older one in the friendship, Jann admits she sometimes takes opinion from us younger ones, but only because she feels she could trust us to make decision for her in the most efficient way. Apart form her stubbornness in dealing with her friendship, Jann is mostly someone who watches out for your back and protects you like she meant business. 

Kris is the middle one in the group, very sharp in her comment, sometimes she sounds hurting at the start but upon analysis of the situation they could tell she meant them good. Her contribution in the friend consist on her take on relationship (in controversial to Jann, she is much stable & into commitment), her slow path towards improving her life (most times she pours her failure so the girls can help suggest ways to reach success).. Very loud, initiates meetup, fails at make up and is still learning from Xue how to improve her make-up regime.

Jann with her yakult drink (yuck) doning a new dress specially for the meetup

i will also compliment her effort to doll herself up for the meetup, she is usually more laid back.. hahah

me wearing the crochet vest bought 2 years back, cotton on bodycon bought at a sales,and drinking some pretty latte.. my outfit for that night did not exceed $25 (budget getup - an album i post on facebook with evident of my budget shopping )

yummy fruit pancake... drooling with every picture taken

 Us patiently waiting for Xue.. 
who arrived, sick. Thanks for taking the time off manning your poor health to meet us up =)

My all-day  breakfast pancake, which i prefer much more than Jann's.
our wallets!! - Conincidently alike =)  (i must admit we share the same taste in products)

 poor Xue sparing us a smile, she sounded weak while chatting, she must be feeling really unwell.

evidence my ladies prefer instagramming during meal - like me =P

Jann finish her course and excitedly awaits our very early x'mas exchange

xue also finishes her

SHOW TIME!!!~ the colour present thoughtfully wrap in anticipation of us ripping them off.. haha
Xue poses with her presents from Jann & me, and it turns out we must have purchase the wrapper from the same source. haha

Jann with her presents, i gave her the one in Pink =))

my present so beautifully wrap!! see the Hello Kitty? These girls always remember my soft spot for this kitty. .haha
 More picture before we bid the wrapper goodbye
 and then it started

i bought her a dainty looking lace dress from blogshop in Plaza Singapura
i got Xue a sexy bikini 

haha.. its really funny watching their expression before these stuff i bought are NOT usually the stuff they will buy, so imagine their  horror (adoration i would say) at receiving the pieces, there was some confusion as to who the stuff looks-like it would belong too.. .i guess ultimately they might just swap their presents away.,. haha

Jann receives another dress from Xue, now she has 2 , we love you Jann!!~
we also took lotsa of pictures with Jann's polaroids and because the girls wanted the pictures to look more chrismassy.. 
jann and i attempting to decorate the polaroids but fail, so we seek meticulous Xue to do us the favor.. 
damn serious sticker-paster.. hahaha
Also, we found out the boss of The Little Pancake is a friend of Xue, so she walk over to ask if we can get a photo taken with the signboard
Happy Three Friends
summing up the night, Jann drain and sleepy.. 
i am struggling to smile for a picture too.. &yawn.. 
and then we ended the sweet sweet meetup with some souvenirs, till we meet again


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