Wednesday, February 06, 2013

All Lines are up

Next week's gonna be a packed week, but unlike the other years, this year i want to incorporate my positivity exercise together with real action.

First up, i havent had the time to consider carefully before "a-moment-of-enthusiam" took over me completely, and before you know bbb & i bought this sleeky sexy baby...

ran through the spec roughly, and all in all the few things i fancy about this lappy are:-

  1. Dedicated graphic card (AMD Radeon HD 8750M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated))
  2. 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
  3. it is running on Windows 8
  4. [[Beats ]] audio (2 x Beats Audio Internal speakers; Beats Audio Audio playback; Dual speakers with subwoofer)
  5. Multi-format digital media card reader for secure digital cards & multimedia cards
  6. and most of all, the fact that it is still - afterall a ultrabook, so its slim(34 x 23.58 x 1.98 cm) & light  (about 1.75kg)

Budget is tight, plus the fact that i exhaust my laptop rather easily, i had to let go of MacBook this time and work around getting a laptop for less than $1.5k that could probably spare me the life span of at least 2 years.

So far (only 3 days to be exact) it has been doing pretty good, i had the support from some friends to install the much needed photoshop program at no cost and all is left is for me to quit finding excuses and get my hands on making 2013 more amazing.

The decision to getting Lappy was to made up for the resolution i added onto 2013 in a spurs of moment when bbbb threw me a challenge, and that is to stop whining about the failed business proposal i gave up on (when i was much younger) and to prove my worthiness of being a good businesswoman.

So i took on the challenge, and with the guidance of very very helpful friends & family, i am slowly (but steadily) working on bringing forward a online shopping experience that will fulfil the hearts of the budget tight consumer like myself, and share the style i so desire, while earning a name for myself.

i choose not to reveal much now because i wouldnt want it to jeopardize me in the future, but i have put down my pride this time, and seek help, listen to constructive feedbacks and make improvement until i feel i am ready, it is going to be a tough journey, and like Jamie has advise "dont give up because nobody make money at the start, it's about struggling with the journey with the determination to eventually succeed"

i will fail, i will survive it and i will carry on a smile knowing success is up ahead =)

Secondly, the trip to bangkok turns out to be very very fruitful! not only do i get to meetup with Penn, she also introduces bbb & me to lotsa of local food that i would never imagine myself ordering without her expertise. We made friends with her other friends that had been touring in Bangkok too... and Penn's hospitality makes us all feel so welcome that i had a hard time accepting the vacation is over all too soon...

Gonna start blogging about the bangkok trip and hopefully give you some insights of places to visit if you are intending to to INTENSIVE shopping over in bangkok. *unfortunately for those who are more keen on doing site visits, you probably wont find much helpful information here. 

We set off to bangkok on a wednesday night, grabbing a flight schedule for take off at 5.30pm. I had it book ed for this timing in order to ensure the stuff at work has been cleared & managed before handling it over to my fellow colleagues to help handle.   Unfortunately, due to the monsoon rain that same afternoon on 9jan2013, our flight got delayed and we reach Bangkok only slightly past 8 (which was roughly 9-ish in singapore), famished.

i had planned to access the wireless available in the airport to line (another version of "whatsapp" that Penn insist we use to communicate.. haha) Penn about my arrival. Atlas, with the intro to stricter internet control, the wireless are either un-connectable or has to be access with a wifi code. After several attempt to reach Penn (who had to warmly offered to meet us for dinner), bbb & i decided to grab a sim card from the shops for a week of unlimited data usage at only thb$399 for 7 days (you get to choose between a month plan or a week, so no matter how short our stay, you will have to grab the 7 days plan for the telco)

My telco selected has a "smile" on it, it is very visible from the airport, you'll see alot of people queuing for it.
We reach Penn and saw the msg that she had to cancel the dinner for she has a last min arrangement to see to - which we were glad to know of since our delayed flight meant it was more time for supper than dinner.

After texting Penn, bbb & i grab a cab (head to the entrance and you shall see a line of cabbies queuing and a make-shift stand where someone will attend to you) to our hostel - PR place located slightly beside sukhumvit MRT station. i googled an image of the road leading to the hostel and directed the cabbie as soon as he reaches the MRT station (reckon MRT is the easiest way of navigating a cabbie)

we "checked in" at our hostel slightly past 10pm (11-ish sing time) and headed for supper along the streets of pratunam.
 but first, let me share with you how amazing the hostel room is (take note that we paid only S$17/room per night stay here)

now do not assume how dirty the place will look because PR place live up to its reputation for being extremely convenient n stay-friendly.

If your main concern is the bathroom, then u'll be amazed at the toiletries provided at each room! no need to pack your own toothbrush/shower gel & towel, they have it all covered!
Entrance to the bathroom, bathtub with a shower head located so you can choose to either do a quick bath or soak in the tub
look how clean the tub is
entrance leading to the "dining room" & bathroom before you head to the "bedroom", the green-ish box on the left is the fridge that the staff will switch on only when you check in to the room, very environmental friendly, bbb was impressed.
long alley leading to the bedroom, the mirror on the right is a good cam-whore mirror but i didnt had my share of this.. =(
huge bed!!! king size, very comfy (except not enuff pillows) - room is fully air-conditioned and the glass sliding door keeps the temperature cooling all night long... sometimes even too freezing we had to bring down the temperature!

i am standing at the air-condition unit overseeing the bed & cupboard. Notice the stand they had place in the cupboard? it was a very personal touch of their attentiveness for the guest, i mainly use it dry my clothes after washing them.. haha.. works prety well with the blasting air cond over night if you ask me.
pantry with food & snacks on the house, how sweet!!~
a book for all staying guest to explore bangkok beneath
view from the bed, i avoided sleeping directly facing the mirror, hence had to squeeze onto bbb's side, not like he mind -.-"

the dining area! there is a washing area if you bring takeaway back to eat, the door leads to the other room, so we kept it shut at all times.

doorway outside our room, somewhat mimicking a jail (hahahah), but the people staying are all friendly backpacking tourists. mostly eastern youth, and during my stay i felt they are really fun people. 

Notice the washing machines at level 1? you can access the building by the lift (another environment friendly lift thus moves slowly)...  washing machine are available at a very very cheap rate, very suitable for longer stay guest, they also provide promotion rate for guest with staycation exceeding a month, and it is cheaper than renting an apartment in bangkok, that's for sure!

posting this entry up while i prepare the entry on food adventure we explored. 


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