Thursday, February 21, 2013

There is only that much hours in a day..

I am this sort of person who loves loves loves loves time that pass so quick you cant stop to count, so i have been on my toes planning and planning my schedule way ahead so that every min wasnt wasted.   Every now and than i also plan some me-time to myself.

Take last night for example, i was out and about with the Sales Team chilling out over beer, naan & curry and chatting about what's not, listening to melodies on repeat by the bollywood-style MTVs on the wide projector screen over at Cuppage Terrace.   [The Curry Culture] serve amazing North indian food and the crews are happy to whip up every dish the staff served.    Our team consist of many nationalities, USA, india, philippines. korea, malaysia.... food is like a common language, you see one eating naan in a unique and you'll do the same, then both will strike a convo about how the food taste different at diff land.... 

After we were done with dinner, the rest set off back to their hotel for the long meeting that shall continue the next day. Knowing i had time to myself, i walk on to Somerset 313 and on to Forever21 for some TLC-shopping... Little is known why women are generally more interested to shop than men, but if you ask me i will tell you that little glimpse of hope to finding an amazing skirt or dress by browsing through the lump of clothes on the hangar all stack to the brim on display.    The man dont get it but the woman (myself, rather) will spare that tiny bicep effort to push through each and every piece and be extra proud to find treasure among trash :)

However, no luck last night (even with bbbb's extra boost to sponsor me a portion of anything i bought) i went home empty handed, but truly thankful for the time spent alone, thinking to myself if i look better in this aztec print or that floral dress :)  Playing dressup is like adult's version of 家家酒,just see how i am having fun..

i love the cheapthrill of assembling a outfit that adds up to less than $100. All that is added onto the bursting wardrobe doesnt make the wardrobe another cash machine. My criteria on spending include making sure the dress doesnt leave an impression too deep that one can only wear it once a year, and it must be one piece that cater to my mix-match OOTDs, i have my moments of failed wardrobe malfunctions, no thanks to my quirky brain who sometimes prefers to see banana mixed with wasabi (i know how sick that sound.. i am trying to express how my mind works.. sorry)

i have tonnes of things to do with all that planning and it is doing the body little good. Last night i woke up at 2am & 4am respectively  wide awake and moving with my hands and feets (like sleepwalking except you are super conscious onyour every action).....    i thought i had been in a photoshoot and i was clicking on the camera trigger at the beautiful models, trying to capture a perfect combination of their outfit + the persona.... i think it took me about 10 mins (cant remember, i was working, clicking away, typing codings and doing purchase order... etc)  to touch around the bed and feel for the phone..... when i saw the time on the Iphone says 2.04am... i still couldnt make up what that could mean.. 

i think God literally knock my head really hard, cos a short while later i realize i was SUPPOSE TO BE ASLEEP AT THIS HOUR AND IT HAD ALL BEEN A DUMB ILLUSION... so i stopped my hands/feets, grab the second pillow lying around (bbb's pillow) then pull it over my head to sleep again.... 


man, i think i need a psychologist...    bbbb says i am pressing myself too hard on everything that was taking place, but i enjoy feeling useful, it's a worthy exchange. Who knows with all that piling workload i might shed another few pound of the weighing scale .. 

and talking about weighing scale.... Cuzzie Wazzie Ray recently threw me a challenge to shed the fats till i hit 46kg on the weighing machine.. Man i hate him.. but love that challenge! The reward would be a electronic weighing scale that also measure the fat content of your body + a Jay Chou Concern ticket for our cuzzie Viv (which Ray has refuse to acknowledge even though Viv&i are set to make him pay),,, 

i only have 3kg to go.... PLEASE let the stomach tied knots each time i am face with food (since the challenge, the stomach hasnt done much good except took:-
  1.  in the porridge; 
  2. xiao long bao & 
  3. duck meat from dinner last tues; 
  4. naan, 
  5. curry rice for last night dinner, 
  6. subway for today's breakfast and  
  7. crayfish
  8. fish
  9. scallop
  10. mantou
  11. cold seafood platter
  12. louhei
  13. prawn
  14. roasted chicken from yesterday's client lunch
i think i shall save to buy the weighing machine myself.... Ray has cast a spell on the people surrounding me cos i am on the journey to gaining weight instead. 

All that ranting since i have been talking to myself quite a bit lately... not sure if i am too self-obsess or just plain weird-in-the-brain..  But that sure makes me happy and i am happier than every yesterday in 2013.... pls pls pls let this good feeling stay..... i promise to be less weird than i already am.... 

Oh, random side track... hop on to my hardwork and gimme some constructive feedback about this web plsssssss.... it is not officially done & in operation. i am taking each and every feedback firmly and making changes to it everyday.... do show ur support and if you are keen on any piece, throw me an email at and i will revert ALMOST immediately.. heehee..

That's all for now.. ta!


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